Web Development

How to add Captcha and Protect WordPress Blog

You are getting ready to launch your blog. You have registered a domain and found a hosting package that suits you. After looking at various options you have opted for the WordPress platform. The website was created and the posts started to pile up and visits started to increase. And…

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Web Hosting

Does Hosting Affect SEO Site – Cheap Hosting Certainly

Before you choose your hosting provider you need to know the answer to the question does hosting affect SEO? The answer is YES! Your hosting provider will certainly affect the ranking of the site in search engines. Choosing the right web hosting company, on the other hand, does not guarantee…

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IT World

Recommendations Of Products – What Consumers Trust The Most

Mention has carried out its annual ‘Customer Advocacy in 2020’ survey. First object was to find what motivates consumers when it comes to sharing products with their acquaintances. Second object was to find which sectors and brands are the most referenced and the qualities that they must possess to generate…

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