Web Checklist: Do you have everything ready to develop your project?

Without a doubt, the arrival of the Internet in our lives has changed the way we do business and market any product or service forever. We move in an era where social networks and sales pages are the best way to advertise and, in turn, to earn money.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level, but you are not a programming guru, Keep Reading! That in this post we will tell you what you need to know and have to develop your company’s website and expand your market projections.


We must start by knowing well the type of content that we want to reach our users, since there are many ways to transmit the information and maybe, looking a bit into the types of websites that are available in the internet universe, Let’s give the one that best suits us. Here are some types:

  • Online stores. They are ideal for selling a product globally and are usually the direct links of social networks, because they offer greater security when verifying or making a payment.
  • If what you are looking for is to express yourself in some way, you have useful ideas or you want to contribute some kind of content to the world, let me tell you, that many famous celebrities and critics worldwide began their journey with a blog.
  • Educational Webs. This type of platform works for those who have some kind of skill or knowledge about a specific topic ( or topics ) and want to share them, whether in the form of courses, tutorials, etc.
  • News and reports. The news is and will always be of mass interest, no matter where you are, the portals where priority is given to show the events that affect a specific space every day, will have a consumer market forever.
  • Services promotion websites ( Portfolio ). If you are an artist or a freelancer and want to show your skills, work, experience, etc. This is the perfect type of tool (Hand in hand with social networks), to publicize your personal brand and show you to all types of audiences.


Let’s start by talking about the domain of what your website will be, where, of course, we recommend using the “.com”, if you are looking for users to quickly find your site and can easily trust it.

There are different types of domains or TLDs within the infinite vastness of the internet, but, among the main ones we can mention, are:

.Com used in all types of business, mainly commercial

 .Biz as a business code

 .Net for all types of activity

 .Org for non-profit organizations.

Also, we recommend that the name with which you baptize the arrival to the world of your website, has a close relationship with the activity that you want to develop in it, either, the name of your business, your name, etc.


Another important step when developing your website is to get a place to host it. If we were talking about the construction of an office, this would be the place where it would be located or built, and what you would need is that it be in a good place, with excellent access and that it had a good space.

In the same way you should take care of the hosting of your website, since, you will avoid many headaches by consciously investing in a platform that allows you an unlimited amount of daily visits ( or almost unlimited ), your files are safe and have a high speed navigation, always thinking of providing a positive experience to your users.


Before your website sees the light of day, another priority thing you should get is a design according to your requirements. There are many websites that can allow you to look for a professional in the area of ​​design, so that your ideas come true and you can carry your own stamp on your site, such as the same colors you use in your personal brand or that of your company.

Another tool that you should consider, are the so-called CMS, which are nothing more than management platforms or content creation, such as WordPress, where you can create your website yourself and manage each of its features to your liking.

Also, you can find thousands of predesigned templates on the web, with which you can start decorating or assembling your site, always taking into account, that they must be free and public, so as not to incur copyright crimes or situations of that nature.


There are some legal requirements that you must meet if you want to build trust on the part of users and keep a business or website functioning properly. Here are some of you:

  • You must make public mention of the privacy policy you handle, stating that you do with the data of your users and the information they share on your site.
  • Once people enter your site and arrive at a form, you must also provide a notice that comments what you will do with the data entered and leave a check button , which must be clicked by the user to understand what It will be done with your information, the same happens in the comments box of your website .
  • You must place a notice of use of cookies that the user must also accept, since, tools such as “ Google Analytics ” monitor traffic, activity and whatever is done within your site.

We have already told you most of the things you should keep in mind when developing a website, now, everything is on your side, if you have a business idea or want to take the solution of a problem that helps thousands through a website, you know you don’t need to be a programming scholar to achieve it.

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