Shared Hosting, What is it and How does it Work?

Shared Hosting, What is it and How does it Work?

Shared Website Hosting Description

You have a website and are tired of looking for free-of-cost hosting solutions, but do not have enough capital to afford anything that’s more expensive? We know how you feel. The answer to your problem, though, is very easy! You obviously need a shared hosting solution.

The most primary and widely utilized type of web hosting is a shared hosting solution.

It represents a way to host your web portal without having to be much informed about programming and operating a web hosting server.

Furthermore, it’s also the most economical form of website hosting and it’s, in fact, affordable for anybody.

What is Shared Hosting?

As the name suggests, the shared hosting solution is a kind of service where lots of customers share the reserves of one and the same hosting server.

This suggests that all web server ingredients like CPU, hard drives, RAM, network interface cards and so on, are divided among the clients whose accounts are on that very same server.

This is mostly made viable by setting up different accounts for the separate users and imposing given limits and resource usage quotas for each of them.

Those restrictions are appointed in order to prevent the users from meddling with each other’s accounts. And, of course, to prevent the web hosting server from overloading.

Usually, hosting customers do not have full root-level access to the web server’s config files. This basically goes to say that they do not have access to anything else on the web hosting server but their own hosting account.

The web hosting resources that each account may utilize are fixed by the hosting firm that possesses the hosting server and by the respective website hosting plan.

That leads to the second important question:

Shared web hosting

How are the shared hosting servers shared among the clients?

Hosting distributors that provide hosting accounts usually have various web hosting plans.

Those packages contain different quotas of website hosting resources and specifications. Which actually determine the restrictions that a web hosting package will include.

The client may choose between the different web hosting plans and sign up for the one that he believes will befit him best.

The website hosting package will then define what limitations the user’s account will involve, once created.

The prices and the specs of the website hosting plans are chosen by the given web hosting supplier.

Choosing Your Shared Hosting Solutions Provider

When looking for a hosting service, however, you must not look only at the price.

Check whether your potential web hosting vendor provides daily backups, access to a hosting Control Panel user interface and details about the data center facilities.

A 24×7 customer service is being offered?

Try the reaction times if there is a live chat or a phone support service. See how your questions are being replied to. You will be able to confirm whether they are professionals or if they merely wish to gain profit swiftly and easily.

The presence of around-the-clock support service is of great importance. Because it implies that there is always somebody monitoring all the services and that if a predicament occurs, it will be instantly resolved.

Don’t Be Lazy!

Does this look like an awful lot of effort? Don’t be indolent!

Even if you are searching for a cheaper hosting solution, that does not imply that it has to be of poor quality.

We, at n1 Hosting offer data centers on 3 continents! In England, Australia and the States. You can see complete descriptions of the datacenter facilities on our website.

Our live chat support staff was also very co-operative and responsive, answering any questions without any postponement.

We provide 24×7 technical support via our ticketing system integrated into the hosting Control Panel interface.

We also offer to give much more with our hosting accounts.

A cheap domain registration, both monthly and yearly billing options.

We also offer a free PHP script installer, a free-of-charge online site building tool and electronic mail services.

Managing your files, databases, domain names and mailbox aliases is much easier than with any other control panel.

shared hosting servers

What is the difference between the free of charge and the typical hosting service?

Of course, the primary difference between the free of charge and the paid solution is in the number of resources that they involve.

Free web hosting suppliers are not able to maintain a big number of hosting servers.

They plainly accommodate more clients on one web server by decreasing the number of system resources provided by the accounts.

This will be efficient only in case the web servers are monitored and tackled appropriately. Because a great number of accounts may make the server crash frequently.

Most of the free web hosting distributors, though, overlook the quality of the service. And, as a result, it’s very hard to find a free of charge hosting solution that’s actually worth the time.

The top free hosting corporations commonly provide free customer support even to the free web hosting users.

Because they want their clients to expand so that they move to a paid web hosting package. Which includes more hosting resources.

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Such a supplier, for example, is, which is among the largest and oldest free hosting providers worldwide.

At the same time, traditional hosting distributors like us may afford to keep many servers and so we are able to offer much more powerful website hosting plans.

Of course, that reflects on the cost of the web hosting packages.

Paying a higher fee for a website hosting plan, though, does not automatically denote that this package has a finer quality.

The most optimal services are the balanced ones, which offer a price that matches the real service which you’re obtaining.

Moreover, we also offer free extras with the web hosting package. Like the 1-click applications installer, accompanied by 100’s of cost-free web page themes.

As a website hosting corporation, we do care about our reputation.

This is the reason why if you choose us, you can rest confident that you won’t get deluded into purchasing a package that you cannot actually make use of.

shared hosting vs VPS hosting

What should I expect from a hosting service?

The shared hosting service is best for persons who desire to host an average web site.

A web site that is going to devour a small or medium amount of bandwidth every month.

You cannot anticipate, though, that a hosting account will be sufficient for your needs. Because as your business grows bigger, your site will become more and more demanding.

Therefore, you will have to eventually migrate to a more powerful hosting solution. Such as a semi-dedicated server, a VPS (also known as a virtual private webserver), or even a dedicated server.

So, when choosing a website hosting vendor, you should also reflect on scalability.

Otherwise, you might end up moving your domain manually to a different distributor. Which can create web site troubles and even extended downtime for your web site.

If you select n1 Hosting as your web hosting vendor, you can rest safe that we can provide you with the required domain name and hosting services as you grow bigger.

This is essential and will spare you a lot of troubles in the long run.

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