Chinese artist sold at auction contaminated six “most dangerous virus” laptop for 1.3 million dollars

Chinese artist sold at auction contaminated six most dangerous virus laptop for 1.3 million dollars

On May 15, the Chinese artist Guo O Dong launched an auction in which he put up the only lot – a laptop infected with six “the most dangerous viruses in the world.” After 12 days, the device was sold for $1.3 million.

Representatives of the cyber security company Deep Instinct, which acted as an auction partner, did not disclose the identity of the winner.

The action was called ” Persistence of Chaos ” (The Persistence of Chaos). According to Guo O Dong, six viruses on a laptop in total caused an economic loss of $95 billion. The artist told The Verge that he had infected a laptop in order to show the physical embodiment of “abstract digital threats.”

Viruses downloaded into Samsung’s 2008 laptop with Windows XP. The artist claims that the lot is safe for the buyer, if you do not connect it to WiFi or other devices via USB. List of viruses on a laptop from Guo O Dong:

  1. WannaCry is a ransomware virus that has attacked tens of thousands of devices around the world in 2017. Hackers from North Korea were suspected of creating the virus.
  1. ILOVEYOU is a virus that spread by electronic means almost in 2000. It is considered one of the most destructive viruses in history.
  1. MyDoom – a virus that infected many devices in 2004.
  1. SoBig – in 2003, the media called this virus a record-holder in terms of spread rate.
  1. DarkTequila is a virus that stole banking credentials in 2018. Distributed in Latin America.
  1. BlackEnergy is a trojan that was allegedly used to crack the Ukrainian energy system.

Guo O Dong noted that a laptop buyer for a million dollars does not pay for the device, but for what it represents. “For me, it’s something like a bestiary – a catalog of historical threats.”

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