A brand new Site Builder integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of a ultra-modern, glossy and genuinely newbie-friendly web site Builder.

It’ll replace the ages-antique web site Studio and is designed to assist users build great, cool and modern-looking web sites from scratch with only few clicks.

The new website Builder is integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel and you can start the use of it immediately.

What is the new Site Builder about?

Website builder had been trending for more than a decade as an clean answer that takes away all of the hassle and prematurely prices and allows customers to create stunning web sites buy themselves.

Each individuals and businesses can easyly construct something from a single-web page all the way up to complex e-stores.

With the development of web technologies, website builders now provide a multiple opportunities to take advantage of with a focal point on intuitiveness and responsiveness.

The brand new website Builder that has been constructed into the Control Panel displays the state-of-the-art progressions in web site design.

You can locate it within the Web Tools section of the Web Hosting Control Panel:

It is designed to be lightweight, really easy to work with and, most of all, to help users create responsive websites that can have cool appearance on any device.

Actually, anyone can build a nice and clean website within minutes with this tool.

And it can be really fun doing so!

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