cPanel price hike crisis

cPanel price hike

Time for the web hosting industry to take a new direction

It’s been a couple of weeks considering that cPanel turned the web hosting market upside down with the announcing of surprising, very shocking change to their licensing structure and pricing.

We included the essentials of those adjustments and the huge-scale impact they’d have across the enterprise in our blog last week.

This occasion has precipitated us to mirror on the status-quo of the market and its heavy dependence on single big gamers by using judging from our personal experience as a web website hosting company.

The cPanel price hike – time to re-think the use of monopolies

The latest, sudden change to cPanel’s licensing model and pricing has stunned the net hosting industry and it has left many providers at a loss.

This occasion has also raised a essential question. Question is why web hosting industry allowed any such heavy dependence on single industrial solutions to develop?

Indeed, there seems to be a developing hassle of dominating monopolies which has emerged over the last decade (Google, and so forth.), and the web hosting enterprise’s huge participant, cPanel, is simply another example.

This is specially proper with regards to the web hosting control panel – a center part of a web hosting commercial enterprise.

The general public of hosting providers had been outsourcing this part of their business for the reason that very start for the sake of ease plus cost and effort financial savings. And additionally – because all has been doing this for years!

cPanel price hike control panel

Now that the big player has tightened the screws more and more providers are waking up from a protracted, collective sleep to realize that taking the smooth and easy way does now not honestly pay off for long-time period.

looks like they’ve been waiting for more then they should. So, what is the proper route of motion from right here on?

The instantaneous solution for many providers has been to change to another, much less famous industrial platform, which sounds like an affordable choice for now.

But then another large question arises – how do hosts recognise that the same scenario gained’t manifest once more?

What would forestall the equal situation from hitting them badly with the smaller opportunity solution if these companies fall to a buyout too? It’s all business in the end, isn’t it!?

That is why, some companies have commenced to consider long time answers that will assist them at their independence in the future.

cPanel price hike new

They’ve begun to realize that it is more rewarding to go the not-so-easy route of crafting their own platform instead of relying entirely on out-of-the box, 3rd party solutions.

The idea of web hosts joining forces for an industry-supported, open-source panel done from scratch has been put on the table as well.

Better late than never.

They’ve all started to comprehend that it is more profitable to head the now not-so-smooth route of crafting their very own platform instead of relying completely on out-of-the box, third party answers.

The concept of web hosts joining forces for an enterprise-supported, open-source panel made from scratch has been placed on the desk as properly.

Better late than never.

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