Samsung has developed “nonexistent people” for practical purposes

Samsung has developed nonexistent people for practical purposes

At the end of last year, Samsung announced the project of the “first artificial man” Neon related to artificial intelligence. At CES 2020, the project developers spoke in more detail about what this project is about.

We are talking about “virtual people” – realistic avatars generated by a computer using motion capture technology. These avatars can move, talk and even show certain emotions. The development of Neon was done by specialists from Star Labs, a subsidiary of Samsung.

“Neon is a new life,” says Pranav Mystry, CEO of Star Labs. “There are millions of species on Earth, and we hope to add one more to them.” Each such virtual person can be configured to perform certain tasks and meaningfully answer questions with a delay in a matter of milliseconds.

Star Labs claims that their avatars are not just a visual wrapper for a voice assistant. Virtual people will work as consultants in online stores, news presenters, lecturers, or simply can be companions and friends for those who lack real communication.

However, when exactly “non-existent people” can find their application in the modern world, the developers do not say. So far, all virtual images have been created only as an illustration of the technology: the models shown are drawn by hand, and not generated by the Neon system. Star Labs intends to show some real world examples of technology at CES 2020.

Earlier, a Japanese engineer developed artificial intelligence, whose main goal is to give way to man, and scientists from the California Institute of Technology AI helped create material with incredible compressibility and strength.

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