Google Earth allows you to create routes and see the highlights of the sites we want to visit

Google Earth allows you to create routes and see the highlights of the sites we want to visit

Google Earth has very interesting new updates both on its website and in the app for anyone who wants to know the world. For example you can accompany the red crab of Christmas Island in its migration from the jungle to the beach to spawn, or discover forms of nature that are seen as letters from space .

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When entering the google earth you can use the magnifying glass to find any address, ask what is the capital of France, see a hotel … or your own house in 3D (beware, you can discover that the building opposite has a pool). Also recognize keywords in the ‘Voyager Stories’ section as  Beatles ‘, so you can take a tour of some emblematic sites where they played.

Google Earth allows you to create routes

For tourists it is very useful if you are looking for a city, a region or a country, since there are contents such as ‘The beautiful wineries of Spain’, ‘ Wonderful bike routes ‘, or plan a Chicago trip by taking a look at the different museums and monuments offered by the city of the wind.

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Clicking on the rudder icon in the menu you access the ‘Voyager’ section, where you have stories of places, games, cities … If you click on the icon ‘I’ll be lucky’ it takes you to a random content. Remember to click on the names and photos you see on the map, information cards will open.

Do you want to contribute your grain of sand to Google Earth? By clicking on the ‘Projects’ icon you can add sites, routes of interest, photos, videos and create attractive presentations (you can add collaborators through Google Drive). Click on ‘New project’ to add its title and description, then add already created sites or new points you want from the map with ‘New element’, adding the information you want. When you add several press ‘Presentation’ to see how your project looks.

In this video you can see more in detail how to style your Google Earth sites, add images, videos and rich information. You can also change the appearance of place marks and draw markers on the map to highlight places or paths. Finally, you can share your project with other users in the form of a presentation.

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