Do you have a Mac at home? Beware of Shlayer, the virus that has been attacking Apple computers for two years

Apple MacBook Pro Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

They have finally identified the threat that has been attacking computers with macOS systems for more than two years.

It is a very common belief among users that having an Apple Mac computer at home is synonymous with tranquility and absolute security. That no threat will steal your data because viruses do not dare to take a step inside the macOS operating system. Luckily they are not as common as on PC, where the threats are many and very sophisticated, but they exist and can give us a dislike.

The last one that has been, finally, identified , has been acting for about two years, is called Shlayer and from the Kaspersky company they warn that it is a Trojan that since February 2018 has mutated in about 32,000 variants, which has difficult to locate. Moreover, so much has been its activity that this virus is behind 30% of the total attacks attempted on Mac computers.

Luckily, meeting him is not very easy and we will have to work hard to get our computer infected . Reasons ?, usually hidden in the download files of websites where torrents, movies, series, ripped video games and other similar sites that hide malicious software are at ease. It is for that reason that the less we walk through these types of pages, the more safe we ​​will be.

Stop downloading pirated shows, movies and series

This virus is, according to Kaspersky, ” from a technical point of view a fairly common piece of malware […] despite its prevalence”. In addition, a sign that we can have it installed on our Mac is the appearance of software promotions in browser extensions, such as Chumsearch, MyShopCoupon and mediaDownloader, Advanced Mac Cleaner, Mac Cleanup Pro and MyMacUpdater. Surely this modus operandi sounds like that of many other Trojans in Windows, which infect the computer through all kinds of add-ons that collapse our browser, change your default search engine or your own home page.

Computer viruses very computer

Shlayer is usually distributed camouflaged within download links that we could consider as pirates , when the user appears a window where you can read a warning to update your Flash player. As you can see, an old-fashioned one that continues to give a lot of war and whose peak of activity occurred in November 2018.

Be that as it may, this Trojan, based on the Bash command language, works by collecting the computer ID , then downloads a file to a temporary directory on the hard drive, executes the code and then removes any trace. The problem is that if we are not attentive, that program you run can cause serious security problems on our Mac.

As always, the best advice to avoid having problems of this type is to avoid visiting pirated content websites, where you can hide this Trojan without difficulty and, of course, try to avoid any website whose security is not verified. Obviously, a good antivirus always helps to have a quick diagnosis before the malware goes wide and we have a more serious problem.

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