This interactive map helps you track the evolution of the corona virus throughout the planet in real time

evolution of the coronavirus

The corona virus has more and more cases, figures that we can follow in this interactive map.

For a few days the coronavirus has been taking the topicality, since more and more details are being known about its development, evolution and mutation. The East coronavirus has started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei. This outbreak of the coronavirus is increasing its severity at times, as stated by the Chinese authorities, which set about 2,800 people affected by this coronavirus, having died so far 81. Logically, these figures will increase, although We would like the opposite. And there are those who are already using the new technologies to make people aware of the seriousness of the expansion of the coronavirus, not only in China but also outside it.

A map to follow its evolution

As we have known through BGR , an online map allows us to know quite accurately the number of cases of corona virus that have been developing in recent days, the total accumulated, and the location where they are being most affected. To this map you can access through this link , where we will be able to see a world map where the places where there are some affected or deceased as a result of the corona virus are marked. The map is updated quite quickly, and in fact the last data it shows us have been updated only a few hours ago, during yesterday.

This is an interactive map:

Corona virus map | Gisandata

On the map we can see different absolute data in the side banners. As the total affected so far , in the upper left. While below we can see the countries or regions affected, which has more affected than less. A ranking that obviously leads China right now with a lot of difference. Below we can see a graph showing the evolution of infections of this coronavirus, which helps us to see at what rate these contagions are increasing among the population, on the one hand of China, and the population outside of China, which helps us to understand evolution better.

In the upper right corner we can see the number of people who have died as a direct consequence of the coronavirus , and next to it the number of people who have been able to recover from this contagion. Below we can also see the higher and lower infection rates, the Chinese regions where the virus has been more virulent. As expected, the Hubei region is the most affected. In the bottom right corner we can see the data of the last update, to be aware of what we are seeing at all times and to what extent it is updated information.

Within the map we can see with red dots the places where there are affected by the coronavirus . The larger the red dot, the more people affected are there. We can click on each of these red dots to see details about those affected in that place or region, with the number of people affected, those who have died and those who have recovered.

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