Vine’s creator challenges TikTok with Byte, his new six-second video app

Vines creator challenges TikTok

TikTok has undoubtedly become the social network to beat today, it is the fastest growing network, and this past 2019 has reached almost as many downloads as WhatsApp, this means that hundreds of millions of users have downloaded it, That is outrageous. So it is clear that its competitors are looking for ways to offer alternatives that can stop this social phenomenon worldwide. Vine was one of the most popular short video apps of its time, surely the reference in this aspect. Then it allowed us to create videos of up to 7 seconds at first, although after the purchase of Twitter, in 2016 it allowed us to create them with a length of up to 140 seconds. It ended up disappearing.

Vine Maker’s Return

The creator of this video app, Dom Hofmann, is the same one that at the time founded Vine to later sell it to Twitter. Now returns to with Byte , an app that follows the same principles of offering the possibility of making short videos, but that is now going to meet a giant of this type of content, as we are checking with the huge TikTok success. After the purchase of Twitter, Vine also introduced the six-second loop videos, which are precisely the ones that are now being recovered for this new app.

Byte Byte Inc
Byte | Byte Inc

It is called Byte, and we can download it for both Android and iOS , and as we have told you it is an application that is based on the creation of six-second videos to surprise its users. An app where we can not only create content, as in TikTok, but we can also access a feed where new creations are shown that can adapt more to our tastes and those topics that we would like to see more content. Since the application has now taken the motto “Creativity first” as the banner of the new social network.

Of course for this we will have the necessary video editing tools to create the most interesting videos, and as usual, we will be able to access personalized or recommended video lists with the best for our tastes according to our activity. What is evident is that it may not be the best time to launch an app like this when TikTok is literally sweeping the market. More when it comes to an app that already existed four years ago, and that in its essence is what Byte offers us. But of course, it is appreciated the entrepreneurial spirit of Hofmann, who certainly dares with a titanic company, since the growth of TikTok is unstoppable, at least this app hopes to differentiate itself from the Chinese with a more creative perspective of the videos Short, let’s see if they get it.

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