Google’s long-awaited dialer feature shown in action

Googles long awaited dialer

The Google Phone app is the standard dialer on Pixel smartphones and Android One devices, but is also popular among owners of other Android gadgets. Recently it became known that the long-awaited call recording function will appear in it, and now its work has been shown in action.

Developers with XDA managed to activate a new feature on Pixel 4. To record a phone call, the user needs to press the corresponding button on the screen of their smartphone. If you wish, you can stop recording at any time. You can listen to it directly in the “Phone” application in the call log tab. From there, you can share the audio file in any convenient way.

So far, recording calls from Google has several drawbacks. For example, it needs to be activated manually each time, while in third-party applications it is possible to start it automatically during any conversation. In addition, when the function is activated, the application quite loudly notifies the owner of the smartphone and the subscriber at the other end of the line about this, so it will not work to secretly record the conversation. This may be due to the requirement of some countries where it is forbidden to record telephone conversations without notifying all participants.

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