2019 has been a critical year for WhatsApp security

2019 has been a critical year for WhatsApp security

The security WhatsApp has been questioned throughout 2019, a year that found 12 vulnerabilities in instant messaging application, most understood as “critical” by experts and that could have compromised data the users.

According to a report by The Financial Times , according to the National Vulnerability Database of the United States , it has emerged that the instant messaging application belonging to Facebook has had 12 security flaws throughout 2019, of which seven They have been classified as critical.

This means a considerable increase in vulnerabilities found in WhatsApp compared to 2018, where only two security flaws were reported. This fact comes to tell us that cyber criminals are increasingly focusing on this popular messaging application to carry out their attacks, and try to get in one way or another sensitive information from users or even account theft.

This exponential increase in vulnerabilities may be due, according to Mark Rogers, vice president of cyber security Okta, in which many of these failures were present during the previous years, but were not discovered until 2019.

In any case, Facebook defends itself by stating that all these reported and found vulnerabilities were repaired before they came to light, so that no user would have been affected by them.

This is a very interesting report, because it goes on to explain that despite the security that has always wrapped up the WhatsApp application, more and more attackers are trying to find security holes to affect a large number of users, either by sending messages with a link, or with images or videos that we should never open.

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