HUAWEI talked about the future of the Android ecosystem in its devices

During the trade war between the US and China, HUAWEI lost access to Google branded services for its Android devices. A representative of one of the European divisions of the company made an important statement related to the future policy of the company regarding the American OS and related applications.

The head of the Austrian representative office of HUAWEI Fred Wanfei told reporters that the company intends to become independent of US policy. According to him, the manufacturer intends to actively promote its own ecosystem of applications, and make it easier for developers to integrate their software into it.

A team of 4,000 specialists is currently working on the development of HUAWEI Mobile Services. The company is also interested in organizing cooperation with Facebook, WhatsApp and other major US application developers. Since American laws currently prohibit local business from cooperating with HUAWEI, the manufacturer intends to find an intermediary in Europe through which joint business with “sanctioned” partners will be conducted.

After an interview with top manager, HUAWEI made a clarifying statement about the future fate of Google services in their devices.

“The open Android ecosystem is still our priority choice, but if we cannot use it, we have the opportunity to develop our own,” said representatives of the Chinese vendor.

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