10 unusual things that everyone should have

Every year, hundreds of new devices are introduced to make our lives easier. Some of them are so cool that we cannot but mention them. These 10 thoughtful things that everyone should have.

1. Signals to the waiters

In this cafe you will have to use the emoticon standing on the table to call the waiter. It’s simple, if you need help or service, turn your face on the “sad side”, and if you are happy with everything – black (cheerful).

2. The refrigerator

A huge cold store installed in a clothing store so that customers can test their winter gear in cold weather.

3. Pies with inscriptions

Baking with a clear imprint of the name of the filling. No more guessing and doubting what’s inside.

4. Toilet door

Many people are disgusted when they open the toilet door with their hands. 
Inventive designers found a simple and logical solution to the problem by constructing a door that opens with a foot.

5. Bench

A bench equipped with solar panels, which are a source of autonomous power. 
Sitting on such a bench, you can use Wi-fi or charge your devices.

6. Corner paintings

Corner paintings look very unusual and will help to beautifully cover shabby corners. 
It is worth noting that such paintings look very stylish and are already very popular.

7. Door handle

The door handle is very unusual in shape, designed for those with busy hands.

8. The trigger slide

For those who do not want to ride the escalator, there is an alternative descent in the form of a slide. A steep hill fits perfectly into the interior of a modern shopping and entertainment center or school.

9. Cameras for charging gadgets

While you make purchases, your phone is charged in a separate cell on which you pre-set the PIN code.

10. Phone Case

Stylish and practical phone case with embossed “tracks” designed for headphone wire.

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