Google translator learned sign language

Google translator learned sign language

Google’s branded translator is constantly improving. One of the latest innovations is instant voice translation. The service already supports more than a hundred languages, but so far there has been no sign language in its arsenal. To do this, the search giant has developed artificial intelligence that can transform hand movements into speech.

Google translator learned sign language 2

The tasks of AI will include the interpretation of gestures and their conversion into speech. This will allow those who have problems with speech, easier to communicate with other people who may not know the sign language. To demonstrate the technology, Google showed its effective operation on a regular smartphone. At the same time, before processing such complex algorithms, it was necessary to use powerful desktop computers.

“We plan to expand this technology, making it more reliable and stable, as well as increase the number of gestures that can be identified,” Google said.

The company notes that the technology is still imperfect. In the future, support for dynamic gestures in real time should appear, as well as many other developments that the community of researchers and developers interested in developing the project can offer.

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