The best curiosities about the internet

The best curiosities about the internet future

How many connected devices are there in the world?

Globally, currently 4.388 million people use the internet, a figure that has grown by 9% compared to 2018 according to the Hootsuite Digital 2019 report. This study also reveals that its penetration is 95% in northern Europe and North America, a figure that contrasts with the 12% penetration of Central Africa gives a good sample of the existing global inequality.

The best curiosities about the internet
Internet tools / PIXABAY

The forecasts made by Gartner suggest that in 2021 there will be 25,000 million devices connected in the world.

Internet speaks in English

With regard to the language most used in the network, English occupies the first place with 54% of the web pages, according to Statista data, followed very far by Russian (6%), German (5’9% ) and Spanish (5%). With regard to social networks, Hootsuite has accounted for 3,484 million users, while Statista expects to reach 3,000 million by 2021.  

In total, during 2018 33 zettabytes of data were generated, an amount equivalent to 660,000 million Blu-ray discs of 50 gigabytes each, 330 million hard disks of 1 terabyte, 33 million human brains, 132,000 super computers with 250 petabytes each and 73 grams of DNA. “Really remarkable are the few 8 zettabytes that were generated in 2015, just three years ago,” they say from Toucan Toco.

What happens on the internet in a minute?

Finally, and so that society can get an idea of ​​the large amount of data that moves on the network, Toucan Toco has revealed all the things that happen on the internet in just sixty seconds:

  • YouTube: 4.5 million videos viewed
  • Facebook: 1 million logins
  • Messages: 18.1 million messages sent
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp: 41.6 million messages sent
  • Instagram: 347,222 navigations
  • Twitter: 87,500 people tweeting
  • Google: 3.8 million searches
  • Gmail: 188 million emails sent
  • Netflix: 694,444 hours of content viewing
  • Google Play and App Store: 390,030 applications downloaded
  • Music: 41 streaming subscriptions
  • Giphy: 4.8 million gifs used
  • Online purchases : $ 996,956 spent
  • Twitch: 1 million views
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