A new domain registry partnership will unlock lower prices and more new TLDs

donuts partnership lower prices

We are happy to inform you that we’ve hooked up an association with perhaps the greatest player on the area name showcase – Donuts.

Thanks to this partnership, we will now be capable of offer some of the top trending and new TLDs available on the market today such as .SOLUTIONS and .COMPANY directly from the registry.

This will permit us to offer incredible, long-term prices and run different attractive promo campaigns to help your marketing efforts.

А quick overview of the new registry partner

Donuts, the register we’ve obtained certification with, appeared on the domain market scene eight years ago with a daring mission – to interrupt the 25-year monopoly of .COMs.

According to Daniel Schindler, the back-then co-founder of Donuts Inc., .COM is a generic legacy TLD that wouldn’t have any success at all if released today – due to the variety of meaningful TLDs on the market.

That motivated his company to invest 58 million dollars into registering over three hundred new TLDs. This turned them into the world’s largest register at the time.

Today, Donuts is the worldwide global leader in providing applicable, high-quality, top-stage domains which provide variety and choice to allow you to without problems control and amplify your digital identification.

It continues playing a key role in popularizing new TLDs and turning them right into a desired choice among registrants worldwide.

The registry manages a huge portfolio of latest, top level domains such as some of the most trendy nTLDs .GURU, .NEWS and .FAMILY

Currently, 39 of the 100 most popular new TLDs, according to the official nTLD stats page, are Donuts TLDs.

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