7 Best WordPress plugins for social networks

Social networks are part of our day to day, we need to share and share what we do. This transferred to the professional is even more important.

For this simple reason it is essential to use social buttons in WordPress, because in a simple way we can encourage the user to help us spread our content very quickly and simply.

It will also allow any user who visits your blog content to share it in their personal accounts and this is wonderful.

Do you see the potential it has? Including social buttons in WordPress you will allow a double function:

  • Increase followers in your social networks and strengthen your personal brand
  • Get your publications have greater reach.

Faced with this need and forced integration into any web page at present, in this post We will show you the best plugins to add social buttons in WordPress.

In a very simple way you will be able to increase the reach of your publications and followers in the different accounts.

What do I look at when choosing a plugin to share on social networks?

The 3 most important things you have to look at are:

1. Loading speed of the buttons that appear in the post:

It is important that you choose a plugin that does not excessively slow down the loading time of your blog , since that will cause many visitors to leave even before they see the content. In addition, Google likes blogs that load fast, which is beneficial for SEO.

2. Responsive:

This means that the plugin has to adapt its size and visual appearance to the smaller screens of mobile devices .

Think that every time the mobile Internet traffic is bigger, and that it is very likely that a large number of visits to your blog are made from a mobile device (phone or tablet).

If your blog and the plugins you use do not show a good appearance on a small screen it is very likely that the user does not want to continue browsing.

3. Design:

Yes, the buttons to share on social networks have to be very visual and fit with the design of your blog.

And although the two previous aspects are much more important than the visual aspect, if you can, it is also something to keep in mind.

The more beautiful and striking your blog buttons are, the easier it will be for your readers to notice them and want to share your entries on their social networks by clicking on them.

Therefore, these are the 3 aspects that I will focus on in this list of plugins that I have prepared for you 

Go for it!

1. Sassy social Share

Although it may seem that you have many options, it is actually very simple to configure and above all it is a great plugin.

It is very good and is the one you need if you want to have a floating bar and you need to include more social networks since Sassy Social includes all the social networks that exist


  • You can choose sizes to your liking.
  • Choose background colors of the buttons or border colors.
  • Set different positions (lateral, up, down …) .
  • It also allows you to choose on which pages you want the social buttons to be displayed.
  • Activate or not the option of more.
  • Show or not the social accountants.
  • Customize the shape of buttons (circular, square or rectangular).
  • Selection of pages to display the buttons.
  • Enter the text you want to invite to share.
  • Possibility of using short codes.
  • 100% Responsive

As you can see this plugin is great and it ‘s free.

2. Scriptless Social Sharing

With few options it allows to show the social buttons in WordPress and is 100% responsive.

  • Possibility to show only icons or icons with text.
  • Adjust sizes.
  • Sort the icons as you want them to be displayed.
  • Choose where to display (up, down or manually).
  • Includes Whataspp, Pocket or Telegram.

It does not offer floating sidebar but it is simple and very good.

3. Simple Social Media Share Buttons

Very good plugin to share on social networks with floating bar option. It has many options but it is very easy to handle just like the rest of the list.


  • Includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whataspp, email, Pinterest …
  • By dragging and dropping you can choose which buttons you want to display.
  • It includes different display formats (rectangular, round, radial, official icons …).
  • You can also choose in a simple click where to show them (floating sidebar, up or down, pop up or a corner).
  • Different options for dialing, for example, have the option of displaying social counters.
  • Choose on the pages where you want them to appear.
  • It is another simple to use and very powerful plugin.

4. Social Pug

With floating bar you can configure the buttons and shapes of them very easily.

What does this plugin for WordPress allow?

  • Configure the floating bar and post icons independently.
  • Just let use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and Print.
  • Choose the buttons that will be displayed above or below.
  • It is very customizable by the possibility of configuring the design options.
  • Possibility to show counters.
  • Choose if it is displayed on pages, posts, etc …
  • Change the text to show what you want before the share buttons.

5. Social warfare

It is a premium plugin but its free version is great.

What can I do for you?

  • With floating bar it allows to show in a very attractive way the social networks that you want to use for your social media blog.
  • The free version includes Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Pinterest.
  • Show social counters.
  • Choose where to display the buttons.
  • Choose where the floating bar is displayed by setting the size of it.

The paid version includes much more, for example, more social networks, more customization, click to tweet or the possibility of recovering the social counters that can be lost when migrating to https.

6. Accesspress Social Share

It is very simple to configure it and contain basic networks but it is great.

  • It does not include the sidebar option but has interesting options.
  • You can choose where to display the buttons.
  • Includes networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, email or Print.
  • Choose different designs (circular, round, diamond …).
  • Enable or not social accountants.
  • It allows you to recover the counters you had in http if you migrate to https .
  • It allows to choose in which sites of the web they are shown.

Although it does not have a floating sidebar option, it is very good.

7. Add to any share buttons

With more than 500,000 active installations Add to Any shows how powerful it is.

Features :

  • It includes floating sidebar.
  • Choose the size of the buttons as well as transparency or customize the icons with the colors you want.
  • Possibility to use absolutely all the social networks you want.
  • “+” Button option so that when you click the rest of the chosen social networks are displayed and you can hide the ones you prefer.
  • Choose where to display the buttons.
  • Enter the text you want.
  • Show or not the social accountants.
  • It includes options to include CSS in case you want to customize the plugin even more.
  • Choose the position of the bar and determine the settings to be 100% adaptable and responsive.

An amazing free plugin.

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