Google Maps 15 Years: New Design and Features Already in Mobile Application

15 years ago, in February 2005, Google introduced its own mapping service. In honor of the important date, the company employees decided to add a number of new features to the mobile application and finalize its design. The new version of Google Maps for iOS and Android is already distributed among users of smartphones and tablets.

The fresh application interface provides five tabs: “What’s next?”, “Regularly”, “Saved”, “Add” and “News”. Each tab provides instant access to relevant information.

So, in the section “What’s next?” The ratings and reviews of nearby restaurants, bars and attractions of the city are published.

“Regularly” – here is a tool for finding the most efficient route, regardless of the type of transport used.

The Saved section provides quick access to more than 6.5 billion places marked by Google Maps users.

Using the “Add” tab, you can quickly save information about an object on the map if there is no current data on it.

Finally, the News section contains a list of places that other users recommend visiting.

In addition, for a limited time in the application you can see the icon of the holiday car with balloons – this is how the company celebrates the anniversary of the service.

Google regularly asks users to leave feedback on places they’ve visited and help make the service better. According to the company, the monthly audience of the service exceeds 1 billion people.

Among the promising features, representatives of the corporation noted the appearance of an improved search and more informative navigation integrated into the “Live Maps”.

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