Google Pixel 2XL already testing Android 11

Google Pixel 2XL already testing Android 11

Until the official announcement of Android 11, there are a few more months left. But judging by the published “live” photo of the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone, the operating system is already being actively tested among developers. It is noteworthy that the OS runs on a device released by the company three years ago.

Google Pixel 2XL already testing Android 11 2

Last year, Google launched the Android 10 pre-mailing list in March. But Android 11 seems to have gotten to the company’s first smartphones even earlier. According to the resource Piunikaweb , which found the photo, Pixel 2 XL has an early GSI-image of Android 11 installed, that is, an absolutely clean version of the OS without any modifications.

As a rule, Google distributes such distributions among developers to enable them to adapt their applications to the new OS and study the changes that are expected in the release. The appearance of GSI on the Pixel 2 XL indirectly confirms that this model is guaranteed to receive an update to the next version of the “green robot”.

About the functions that will be included in Android 11, while almost nothing is known. There are only hints that Google is integrating the ability to store documents in encrypted form, and will also add a “low power consumption” mode, which will be relevant when the battery is almost empty.

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