How to convert text messages to animated GIFs

How to convert your text messages to animated GIFs future

There is a very original way to convert your texts into animated GIFs.

GIFs have become the stars of the Internet in recent years. Thanks to them we take advantage more than ever that of “an image is worth a thousand words” and more if this image is animated. There are hundreds of animated GIF generators in the different mobile stores, which offer us the simplest methods to create animated images from a multitude of contents. In this case, what we propose is to generate those animated GIFs from text messages, to which we can give a certain interest by providing them with an interesting and fun animation.

So you can turn those texts into something attractive.

We are facing a tool that will undoubtedly allow us to give a different aspect to the text, more similar to that of a meme , but in this case animated. Something that we can get through a tool that runs exclusively online and therefore we do not need to install on your mobile or computer. This tool is called Msgif, and it works quite simply. So much so that creating an animated text with it is very easy.

How to convert your text messages to animated GIFs

Once inside we must click on the “Get Started” button which, as its name indicates, starts the tool. The first thing we should choose is the type of publication where we are going to share this text. Then we can do it wherever we want, but choosing one of these parameters will adapt better or worse to that medium. In this case we can choose for Twitter or for social networks, it depends on each of them to generate a GIF with a different size. In the first case, for example, perfect for inserting the ideal size in a tweet.

Then we can also choose the best color combination to obtain the most suitable appearance possible for our intentions. Once we have chosen these parameters, it is time to generate the text. For this we must write on the next box the text we want to share. With an important peculiarity. Since before we must press the record button “record”. This does just that, record how we write the text. Therefore, depending on the speed at which you write, and the pauses you make, the GIF will look different.

In this way you can give a different meaning to each GIF, and print more or less speed to the text depending on the message you want to transmit when they read it. Therefore, to give it a certain mystery you can pause while writing, or rectify part of the text to post to claim precisely that part of the message. That is why the online application “records” what you are writing, since then it is exactly that sequence of text that ends up becoming an animated message.

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