Chrome for Android will allow you to apply dark mode to any website

Soon the dark mode in the navigation by Google Chrome on Android will be a reality. We will be able to apply this configuration to any web page that we visit through this browser.

Although we already have dark mode settings in Chrome for Android and PC, this only applies to the browser itself but not to web pages that are sometimes independent. However, Google is now working on a feature for Chrome to allow users to force dark mode on any website.

Apparently, this function will respect the configuration of the entire system, so dark mode will be forced only if this mode is enabled in the operating system. At the moment the forced dark mode for websites through the Chrome browser on Android is only available in Chrome Canary. If you were using the version of Google Chrome Canary on Android, simply go to chrome: // flags and search and activate the function called in “Darken websites checkbox in the themes Settings”.

Once enabled, you can now go to browser settings, themes and enable the option “darken websites”. It is a function that is already available on computers and is a great step that can also be used in the browser on Android.

This function is ideal if we are those people who usually navigate through the mobile device at night, so we can go to our favorite websites in a forced dark mode that will be ideal for our tired eyes and also to save battery life in those moments.

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