Google prevents people from touching users’s personal data

Google prevents people from touching users personal data

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Google services every day. They trust the company with their photos, videos, correspondence by mail, documents, search history, location and much more. In this regard, many fear for their privacy. Trying to reassure her customers, Google explained how data processing works.

At Google’s AI in Action event in Zurich, GlobalData learned how the search giant uses artificial intelligence technology to ensure the security of personal data. As explained by Olivier Busket, head of research at machine learning at Google, no one at the company has access to downloadable information. AI manages everything.

Google prevents people from touching users personal data 2

“The fact that we collect data is not necessarily bad in itself, but, of course, this means that we have a huge responsibility for the confidentiality and use of data”.

Olivier Busket

According to him, getting to the server, user information is carefully encrypted and systematized. All this time only a computer works with her. Google claims that the data stored in the cloud belongs to the users themselves and no one else has access to it.

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