Enthusiast revealed the secret of Luneberg’s lens, which makes objects invisible

Enthusiast revealed the secret of Lunebergs lens 1

Optical illusion always causes increased interest among viewers. Disappearing objects look especially impressive. One of the easiest ways to feel like a magician is the so-called Luneberg lens. The author of the YouTube channel NightHawkInLight decided to reveal the secret of this curious subject.

Enthusiast revealed the secret of Lunebergs lens 22

The creators of these lenses claim that objects with similar properties are used by the military to mask equipment. Thus, a small lens the size of a credit card in certain conditions can make the objects behind it invisible.

The blogger says that in fact, the Luneberg lens acts like a prism, redirecting light that comes in at an obtuse angle so that the central object immediately behind the lens becomes invisible. Instead, we see only what is to the left or right of the hidden object. The effect resembles a Fresnel lens and is widely used for various purposes.

Enthusiast revealed the secret of Lunebergs lens 3

As for the structure of the Luneberg lens, it has many vertical rows over the entire surface. In order to see them, just connect two identical lenses. The blogger believes that he will not harm the sales of lenses with his exposure, just people should know how the things really work around them.

A source: youtube.com

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