New critical bluetooth vulnerability found in Android

New critical bluetooth vulnerability found in Android future

Despite Google’s constant attempts to make the Android operating system as secure as possible, hackers do not waste time in vain and find more and more breaches in its security. Another vulnerability is related to the Bluetooth interface and can lead to serious consequences for the owner of a hacked smartphone.

New critical bluetooth vulnerability found in Android

Vulnerability BlueFag allows hackers in the “silent” mode to transfer malware to smartphones running Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie. In this case, the device owner will not receive any warning that any files have been sent to the gadget.

It is enough for an attacker to find out the MAC address of the Bluetooth module of the device, which is often easy to calculate by the MAC address on a Wi-Fi network, since smartphone manufacturers usually use a single module for both protocols.

ERNW specialists specializing in computer security noted that the BlueFag vulnerability does not work on smartphones running Android 10. As for the versions of the green robot released before Android 8, it is possible that they are also subject to hacking.

Google has not yet responded to this vulnerability, and ERNW experts only recommend updating the smartphone to Android 10, or, if the gadget is guaranteed to not get an update, change it to a new one.

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