The smallest phone in the world L8star BM10. Rubric

From time to time, all kinds of game from unknown Chinese “masters” fall into my hands, but I left most of these products off-screen due to the low popularity of such products. However, for the sake of fun, I decided to tell you about some representatives of the crazy world under heaven and today I will show one of the smallest phones in the world – L8star BM10, which costs only $11.

First of all, let’s get acquainted with the main technical characteristics of the L8star BM10:

  • Screen : 0.66 “OLED
  • Network : GSM850 / 900/1800/1900
  • Battery : 300 mAh
  • Features : Bluetooth assistant, micro SD slot, music player, magic voice, alarm clock
  • Dimensions : 66 mm * 28 mm * 13 mm
  • Weight : 23g

The phone comes in a simple blister pack, the size of which is smaller than the average smartphone.

On the reverse side, the characteristics are indicated, although the Chinese made mistakes completely darkness. Instead of the OLED screen, OLD was indicated. And where about the slots indicated that you can use 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM card and a memory card. In reality, you can use 2 SIM cards and an additional memory card at the same time, because the slot for expanding the memory is separate.

In addition to the phone in the box, you can find a micro usb cable and instructions.

The size of the phone is shocking, it is so tiny that it can be hidden in a fist.

It looks cute and makes you smile. Children and even adults are simply delighted with it.

With a detailed and interesting design, which is laced with the beloved by many Nokia 3310.

Tiny buttons are clearly distinguishable tactical and it is pleasant and unusual to press them. The central button is on / off and is pressed at the top and bottom, used for navigation. There are also additional buttons for calls, reset, confirmation and cancellation.

A tiny screen, and above it a spoken speaker. The speaker is excellent and loud, you can talk on the phone even in a noisy place.

On the reverse side is a large audio speaker. Again, I was surprised by its volume, least of all you expect to hear from such a baby.

Micro USB for recharging was placed on the upper end and in fact it is the only physical connector on the phone.

On the side you can find the eyelet for the rope. The phone can easily be worn around the neck or as a keychain.

At the bottom right you can see a cutout for removing the back cover.

Yes, everything is the same as in the Nokia 3310: the back cover and removable battery. The Chinese could not resist and added 50 mAh to the battery capacity, of course only on paper.

Under the battery, you can find 2 nano SIM card slots and a separate micro SD card slot.

That’s how it all gets set.

I turn on and do not cease to be surprised at the size, it’s difficult to get used to it. Everyone who saw me with this phone looked at it with interest and took pictures. Really, this is game.

The screen, despite its size, is quite bright and contrasting. Only 8 characters are placed in a row, if automatic scrolling is enabled more.

Let’s go over the menus, which are a small graphic shortcut and a creeping line on top. A phone book with 500 numbers and a memory for 100 messages, well, do not forget that you can also store similar information on the sim card. In general, the first 3 points are quite familiar, but then miracles begin.

Multimedia allows you to start a music player, the usual MP3 files a reproduced without problems and began to play vigorously on its speaker. In reality, adding the headphone out here, the Chinese would create a super hit. And of course there is little sense in such a player. It is possible to output sound to bluetooth headphones, but the quality there is just terrible, because here bluetooth is designed to transmit voice.

The bluetooth section allows you to connect not only headphones, but also by connecting with a normal smartphone to become a kind of assistant. Through this baby, you can go into the phone book of your main smartphone and make a call. A choice appears: make a local call or via bluetooth. Honestly, it’s hard for me to come up with a scenario in which this might be needed. Write your version in the comments for what in your opinion this can be used.

There are also additional functions: an alarm clock (even several), a file manager for a memory card and a “magic voice”. The last point is especially cool and allows you to change your voice to male (resembles the voice from the horror “PILA”), female and childish (this is generally a hit). That is, you turn on this feature and all calls will already have a changed voice.

In the settings, you can change the sound profiles (volume, set the ringtone and sound of messages) and adjust the date / time. The menu navigation is understandable, but the small screen certainly brings corrections. The text is short and even a small message needs to be read literally by scrolling it down with the navigation buttons.

Yes, that’s basically all the capabilities of the device. This is the simplest and most common dialer, the main feature of which is its size. See how the L8star BM10 looks like a typical smartphone.

Well, a few words about autonomy. The device lives on average 3 days on a single charge, which is pretty good by today’s standards. But there is nothing much to be surprised at, because besides a tiny screen and voice communication there is nowhere to spend the charge.

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