Barcode scanner turned into a musical instrument [VIDEO]

Barcode scanner turned into a musical instrument

Enthusiasts often find unusual applications for gadgets and household appliances, completely changing their “profession”. It was this way that Japanese designer Ey Wada went, turning into the original DJ console the most common barcode scanner that can be seen in almost any store.

As a “note” for playing music in the techno style, an unusual invention uses specially prepared character sets – both traditional stripes and other textures. The author of the device does not disclose the secret of the work of his brainchild – he only noted that the scanners were specially modified and create sounds by transmitting signals directly to the audio terminal.

Reddit users have already suggested that the scanner registers the angle of inclination with respect to the image, the speed of the sensor and even the distance to the picture, and the images themselves are ready-made samples that are interpreted differently by electronics. This is not the first time an enthusiast has used old technology for his shows. Previously, he created musical compositions using tape recorders, CRT televisions, and even floor fans.

A project with scanners by a techno group of a Japanese designer called Electronicos Fantasticos began to be implemented back in 2018, but it only became really popular recently – after its tweet with a demonstration of an unusual tool got about 2 million views.

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