Hackers hacked official Facebook account on Twitter

Hackers hacked official Facebook account on Twitter

On February 8, 2020, hackers hacked into the official Facebook account on Twitter, a fact confirmed by the microblogging service. From the hacked account, the attackers posted several duplicate messages. After some time, Facebook specialists were able to get back control over the account.

“Some of our corporate social accounts were hacked for a short time, but we were able to regain access to them,” said Joe Osborne, a Facebook spokesman.

A spokesman for Twitter said Facebook accounts were hacked using a third-party Khoros platform without specifying the details of the incident. Khoros is a marketing platform that companies use to manage their social media communications. Typically, such platforms have access to passwords and registration data of their customers.

Hackers hacked official Facebook account on Twitter 1

A Khoros spokesman declined to comment after making this information public. However, the company has been investigating for almost a daya third-party malicious act, most likely related to this Facebook hacking incident on Twitter. And after the incident, access to the Khoros Marketing platform was suspended for more than a day. Moreover, the beginning of the internal investigation and the suspension of the Khoros service were initiated forty minutes after the incident with Facebook accounts.

Shortly after the hacking message, Twitter regained access to the Facebook account in the service. However, the most interesting thing happened within thirty minutes after the first successful hack – at the same time, company experts and hackers had access to the Facebook account. Thus, the attackers published messages on Twitter, and Facebook employees deleted them almost immediately.

Traces of hacker actions on Facebook and Facebook Messenger accounts on Twitter have been deleted. But users managed to take screenshots and video recordings of this funny moment in the history of two social networks.

A message repeated several times in a hacked account: “Hi, we are O ur M in e. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security is better than Twitter” .

One of the Twitter users even wrote in response so that the hackers would stop when they saw what was happening on their Facebook account on Twitter:

In addition, hackers at the same time were hacked into the Twitter service account Facebook Messenger. And on Facebook and Messenger accounts on Instagram, pictures with the logo of the OurMine hacker group were published. These messages and pictures after the incident were also deleted.

Earlier, a group of OurMine hackers claimed responsibility for hacking the accounts of Mark Zuckerberg, HBO, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, as well as Netflix and ESPN corporate accounts. Hackers claim that their attacks are designed to show the lack of the proper level of security in various social networks.

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