“The most dangerous in the world” domain put up for auction

The most dangerous in the world domain put up for auction future

Mike O’Connor, one of the first domain name investors, owned very popular addresses in the 90s, many of which he subsequently sold. But one, at first glance regular domain name, he put up for sale just now, setting a starting price of $ 1.7 million. The seller claims that, taking into account the characteristics of the goods, the asking price is not so high.

Such well-known domains as bar.com, cafes.com, pub.com, grill.com, place.com went under the hammer for a long time. And just now, the entrepreneur put up for auction the corp.com domain name. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that computers running versions of Windows with Active Directory technology by default access the corp domain while on the local network. If such a PC enters the public network, then various applications continue to access the same address, revealing corporate data to a third-party server.

“This is a problem known as“ namespace collisions, ”when domain names that are intended to be used exclusively on a company’s internal network ultimately intersect with domains that are on the open Internet,” explains cyber security specialist Brian Krebs.

According to experts, the owner of such a domain will be able to connect to the “endless stream of confidential information”, including email addresses and passwords of large corporations around the world. O’Connor himself hopes that the domain will be bought by Microsoft, and not by cybercriminals or hacker groups.

A source: gizmodo.com

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