Google in test mode began to print and send pictures from Google Photos

Google has begun testing a new subscription to the Google Photos photo storage service, which includes monthly photo printing. The service is taken to automatically determine the best pictures, print them and send to users.

So far, that type of subscription is available only to some users in the USA who have received an invitation. Each month they will receive 10 photos from the last 30 days. The service costs $ 7.99 per month, the images will be in 4×6 format and printed on a matte white card with a border of 1/8 inch. As the company noted, the purpose of the new subscription is “to deliver the best memories directly to your home,” and the pictures will be “ideal for placing on the refrigerator or in the frame, and will also serve as a good gift” to loved ones.

Despite the automatic selection of the best photos, the user can also set the desired priorities for one of the three available options. For example, it can be “people and pets”, “landscapes” or “a little bit of everything”. Also, before printing pictures, the user will be able to edit them.

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