Samsung and LG work on portable monitors to turn our phones into PCs

Samsung and LG work on portable monitors to turn our phones into PCs 1

The desktop computers and mobile phones have never gotten along. Traditionally connecting the phone to the computer has been somewhat unproductive and quite desperate. The gap has narrowed considerably with the cloud and content synchronization. But when it comes to using our mobile as a desktop computer we have not advanced much. Only some manufacturers such as Samsung, LG or Huawei have provided their users with desktop modes to use their phones as a desktop computer. Now that could be even easier in the future with a new device segment that is about to hit the market.

Portable monitors, the new accessory for our mobile

Computer monitors usually have HDMI, VGA connectors, and sometimes with certain adapters we can use them in a more or less simple way with our mobile, projecting their screen on a larger surface. The problem is that this is often not well optimized and the experience is not satisfactory. Now we have known thanks to ETNews that Korean technology giants, both Samsung and LG, are working on new devices that could minimize this gap in the future. So much so that these are portable monitors that we can connect to our phone wirelessly. Although we can also do it through cables.

Samsung and LG work on portable monitors to turn our phones into PCs 2
Samsung Dex | Samsung

The idea is that it is a screen with a good resolution and a sufficient size to be able to use our smartphone as a desktop computer. Taking advantage of for example the power of our mobile to work with it on a larger screen. These manufacturers would also take advantage of the new desktop mode introduced by Google on Android, which allows us to enjoy the operating system as if it were a desktop computer, in a similar way as we do for example on a Windows 10 computer. Samsung’s device would be called DeXbook, and it would have a 14.1-inch screen, similar to that of a laptop, with Full HD resolution. In order not to depend on plugs, it would have an integrated 10000mAh battery, with a weight of only 600 grams. In this way we could take the screen with us and work with the mobile anywhere.

We would only have to connect peripherals to our mobile, even to this portable monitor, through USB connectivity, anyone being compatible with Google’s operating system. For its part and LG would have another model, with a smaller battery of 5000mAh and the same screen size, which would be called ” CloudTop “. The price of these monitors will move between 300 and 400 euros, and they are expected to be launched during the second quarter of 2020. Without a doubt, a very interesting device to convert our mobile in the future into a whole desktop computer, something that It makes a lot of sense and that in the future it could have a great tour in the market, where the portable screens at the moment are very scarce and difficult to configure for most users.

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