Microsoft began to change the interface of Windows 10

Microsoft began to change the interface of Windows 10 future

Almost 5 years have passed since the release of Windows 10, but during this time the system minimally changed visually. Earlier, Microsoft has already begun to implement the updated design Fluent Design. And at the end of last year they announced even more changes. Now they have become available to ordinary users.

The participants of the Windows insider program with the latest update received updated icons of pre-installed applications, made in accordance with the principles of Fluent Design. The old ones were just white pieces – they were replaced by multi-colored icons. 

At the moment, new icons have appeared in the applications “Calculator”, “Mail”, “Voice recorder”, “Alarms and Clocks”, “Cinema and TV”, “Calendar” and Groove Music. In the future, Microsoft also promises to update Photos and other programs preinstalled in Windows 10. 

When this change will becomes available to users of a stable version of Windows 10 is unknown.

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