I have $ 200 and I want to buy a good mobile: what options do I have?

I have € 200 and I want to buy a good mobile what options do I have

The last two years have been a shock to the mobile phone market. They have been in two ways: on the one hand the landing of Xiaomi has forced virtually all brands to adjust their price-quality ratio to the maximum. Also the arrival of new brands from China, such as Realme and Vivo. On the other hand, new online stores have appeared that have pushed prices down like never before.

The result is that there are dozens of mobiles of less than 200 euros that can serve virtually anyone , some of them with benefits for which you had to buy expensive phone.

In the section of good and cheap mobiles there is an unquestionable queen: Xiaomi, although some of its smartphones are high-end, in the case of the Xiaomi Mi 9 or the Mi MIX 3 .

There are others who are looking to maximize cost or directly excel in aspects such as battery, design or software. There is where to choose, so you should not worry if you do not know which mobile of less than € 200 is better in 2020. Depending on your needs, one or the other will be better for you .

We have chosen five options with which you can stay. There are more, although without a doubt these five are the most prominent right now, starting with it is the best selling mobile phone in what we have been in stores like Amazon Spain for the year.

Xiaomi Mi A3

I have € 200 and I want to buy a good mobile what options do I have1

Presented just a few weeks ago, the Xiaomi Mi A3 is one of the most anticipated mobiles of 2019, although perhaps this expectation has played against it. Some say it is not up to the previous versions, although it probably is not right.

It maintains Android One as an operating system, the hallmark of the Xiaomi Mi A line . In addition, it solves one of the problems of its predecessor: the battery, which rises 4,030 mAh capacity and gives some slack that the Mi A2 did not have.

It also improves the processor, which is now a Snapdragon 665 , something more powerful than the 660, but not too much not to negatively affect autonomy.

What does decrease with respect to last year is the screen resolution, which “only” is HD +, although thanks to the AMOLED panel it looks pretty good , hence we can say that the Mi A3 is a good evolution of the previous model, Although not a complete revolution.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

I have € 200 and I want to buy a good mobile what options do I have2

The flagship mobile of Xiaomi, the best selling model is the  Redmi Note 8 , a smartphone with a 6.3-inch screen that is easy for less than € 200 in many internet stores.

This is a cheap mobile and that everyone likes thanks to its design, a large screen and 4 cameras for all situations. Inside there is  a mid-range Snapdragon 655 processor with eight cores and up to 2 GHz , 4GB RAM and a memory to store data up to 64GB, although you can expand it with a microSD card.

It has a camera for  selfies of 13 megapixels  in drop format integrated into the screen. But where this mobile shines is thanks to  its 4 cameras of 48 megapixels , supported by others, an ultra wide angle of 8MP, macro of 2MP and depth sensor of 2MP.

It has a  4000mAh battery  and has a fast charging of 18W. USB-C cable charging, 3.5mm headphone jack and an intelligent system to improve photos are other of its main features.

Samsung Galaxy A40

I have € 200 and I want to buy a good mobile what options do I have33

This  Samsung Galaxy A40  is one of the most common mid-range mobile phones from Samsung and was born to stay in those $ 200 magic. A perfect smartphone for those looking to have a mobile with everything and also cheap, because you can find it for € 197 .

A mobile with a 5.9-inch screen and FullHD + resolution , has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage that can be expanded with microSD cards . It is a mobile for people who are looking enough to use it throughout the day with their social networks, WhatsApp and some occasional game.

It has a 25 megapixel camera for selfies  integrated into the drop-shaped screen and two main cameras, a 16-megapixel camera with which to take photos even at night with good quality and an ultra-wide 5 megapixel for photos where between more scene.

It has a 3,100mAh battery, USB-C charging , fingerprint reader on the back and headphone connection. A cheap mobile, now on sale, suitable for everyone.

Realme 5 Pro

realme 5 pro

With the arrival of Realme to Spain they started with a mid-range smartphone that is offering a lot for very little. This is the realme 5 Pro , a smartphone with 4 cameras and we liked it a lot in our review .

It is a smartphone with a 6.3-inch screen that includes a camera for 16 megapixel selfies. But above all it surprises that for this price it includes 4 main cameras, led by a 48 megapixel camera , 8MP wide angle, 2MP macro camera and another for 2MP portraits.

Use the Snapdragon 712 processor, a very powerful chip for this type of mobile with such a limited price that you can with any application or game you can think, but do not expect a performance like the highest priced mobile phones as it is accompanied by 4GB of RAM. Of course, as standard it comes with a memory of 128GB which is appreciated to save all your photos, videos and documents.

It has a 4,035mAh battery and has a 20W fast charge that allows you to have 50% of the battery full in just 30 minutes. Undoubtedly some very interesting features for a mobile that you can already buy for less than $ 200.

Honor 9X

I have € 200 and I want to buy a good mobile what options do I have55

One of the latest Honor smartphones, the second Huawei brand, is the Honor 9X and is touching $ 200, as it costs $ 199 on Amazon . This smartphone surprises with its features and the price that has been marked, because you have a huge 6.6-inch screen without distractions since the front camera is 16MP pop-up .

Use the Huawei Kirin 710F processor, similar to the Snapdragon 7xx range that is present in most phones for this price. It also uses 4GB of RAM and has a capacity of 128GB for your photos and videos with which you will not have full memory problems.

It includes 3 main cameras led by a 48MP main camera and a wide 8MP camera. It also has the ability to choose through AI the best possible settings to make better photos.

It has a large 4,000mAh battery with fast charging via USB-C and if at any time you lack memory you can use a microSD card of up to 512GB.

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