Best WordPress Themes

Best WordPress themes

If you are going to create a web page with WordPress you need a tool to be able to achieve the desired design. WordPress offers many options to make an attractive, functional and navigable website. The themes or templates are in charge of this process and are an essential part when it comes to designing a web page. In this post you will see what are the best themes for WordPress, but first, you have to understand what a template is and what it is for.

What is a WordPress template?

A WordPress template (theme or template) is a design tool that you will need to capture the drawing, structure and customization of your web project. There are several ways to work with templates. You can purchase predesigned themes and replace the texts, typographies or images at your leisure or you can create the design from scratch.

In any case it is important to keep in mind that (although a priori may seem the best option) choosing a predesigned template may not be the best option. There are countless free WordPress themes and another hundreds of thousands of paid. As a general rule, if you want to create a quality project and get a fully customizable design, it is best to opt for payment templates.

Advantages and disadvantages of free themes

There are currently free themes that are really good. The problem is that you let yourself be fooled by issues that seem very visual and can regret it in the medium term. The reason why it is not advisable as a general rule to install a free template on your WordPress is because of the following:

  • A free template can stop being updated by the person who created it. This can cause vulnerabilities and incompatibilities.
  • As a general rule design options will be scarce.
  • On many occasions you will need to use CSS to achieve the desired Design.
  • The code is not always good and can harmful when positioning in search engines.

Note: Buying a Premium template is Not always wise option. You have to look very well at the template before you make purchase

What to look at when you are buying a template

When you are determined to create your website with WordPress, the first option that may occur to you is to acquire a free template, it is normal. We have already seen that in the same way that acquiring a free or too cheap server is a wrong decision, not wanting to invest a little in your project can make you regret it after a while. We are talking about buying a WordPress theme of no more than $ 50 USD / year as a general rule.

Now, after reading this I do not want you to go to buy the first payment template that you see attractive because you can go wrong. The reasons why you should look very well at the catalog of options before deciding are:

  • There are visually attractive Premium WordPress themes but with an extremely complex and messy code.
  • Many templates are very visual because they include features that are typical of the plugins making the web very heavy and to have unnecessary elements.
  • There are thematic templates that can make the user think they should buy it for simplicity in its design and adaptation. The reality is that in many occasions they can make the expected design difficult.
  • Updating theme that are not in the WordPress repository is sometimes complex.
  • So you don’t have to search, I have created this list with the best templates today:

Any of them have millions of downloads and active installations, are constantly updated and have a clean and optimized code.

What are the best templates for WordPress?


Divi is the first option that I recommend being one of the best templates today. It is the most used theme in WordPress according to statistics from Together with others that you will see, they are the ones that will get you to create the desired design.

Best WordPress themes divi

Divi is much more than a template and that’s why I recommend it first. If other templates remain the basis for starting to design and include functionalities, Hosting Divi goes a step further by being able to buy a spectacular design pack at a very affordable price. The difference between Divi and other templates is that it is an all in 1.

Divi allows not only to have a clean and optimized template, it also allows you to achieve the expected design thanks to Divi builder a very simple drag and drop system to handle. With Divi there is no design that resists you. Divi belongs to Elegant Themes, a platform where for just over $ 80 USD a year, you will be able to have:

  • More than 80 templates (including Divi).
  • The Divi Builder Web Builder
  • Additional plugins as tools for sharing on social networks (Monarch) or a very good plugin to attract subscribers. (Bloom)

The other templates that Elegant Themes gives are not at the level of DIVI but you might need them for other projects. Extra is a template that working very well within the Elegant themes platform.

Divi functionalities

  • It has quality pre-designed templates. With this you can create a web design in a very short time if you keep the base or you can take it as a principle to work on a better design.
  • Prepared for SEO (it has a window of options thinking about it).
  • It is complemented for online shops perfectly suitable for Woocommerce.
  • 100% responsive
  • Optimized and fast.

You can see how easy it is to create a web page with Divi through this interactive live demo.

Divi price:

  • $89 / year: Unlimited licenses and Premium support.
  • $249 / lifetime: Unlimited licenses and lifetime support. Pay once and you have it forever.

Astra theme

Astra is another very flexible and easily customized template that deserves to be in this list of the best themes for its enormous characteristics. It is a fremium template with more than 600,000 active installations. Like the previous one, it has a free version so you can see all the potential you can get if you choose to go to the payment plan.

Best WordPress themes astra

Like the previous one, the compatibility with other page builders such as Elementor or Beaver Builder is absolute, being able to achieve a much better design than what the template offers as a base. You can also import templates to use directly in your designs and much more. If we talk about speed and simplicity, Astra is a lightweight and optimized template with clean code.


  • Selection of colors and fonts very diverse.
  • Easy menu customization.
  • Use of transparencies.
  • Very complete hook system.
  • 100% adapted to mobile devices.
  • Easily deactivate titles or sidebars.
  • Very structured code at SEO level.
  • Woocommerce compatibility.
  • A very fast template.

Astra theme prices

  • Pro: $59 / year for unlimited sites.
    More than 20 templates to enjoy.
  • Agency package: $169 / year for unlimited sites.
    More than 60 templates + Wp portfolio + Add-ons for Elementor or Beaver Builder.
  • Agency package: $249 / year for unlimited sites.

Astra is more than a template and continues to grow.


With more than 2 million downloads OceanWp is another popular theme. Another Premium theme with free part although as always, limited. With absolute compatibility with other layout elements, Ocean is one of the best WordPress templates today.

Best WordPress themes oceanwp

A strong point are the predesigned templates. Import the one you like, use them as a base or take them as an example for the design of your website. Like the previous ones, it is fast, optimized for SEO and very customizable. Ocean has extensions that you can buy to further expand the customization and design options. There are many features that make Ocean a theme to consider.


  • 100% responsive and adaptable to mobiles.
  • Optimized and simple code.
  • Very adapted to Woocommerce with optimal options for conversion.
  • Extensions of cookies, sticky menu, pop up, portfolio, sliders …
  • Use of hook system.

Ocean WP Price:

  • Staff: $39 / year for a website.
  • Business: $79 / year for 3 websites.
  • Agency: $129 for 25 sites.


Generatepress is a fremium theme. It has a free version that you can download from the WordPress repository. The free version is quite complete, although with limitations that the Premium version covers. More than 2 million downloads and more than 200,000 active installations support this great theme.

Best WordPress themes generatepress

To talk about Generatepress actually mean to talk about customization. Like Divi in ​​fusion with a page builder you can get a spectacular design. The ease of handling, the multitude of options and its hook system are some of its main features to highlight. If you do not want to install a child theme you can use its hooks that allow you to include codes easily without losing the changes when you update the templates.


  • Wide selection of own colors and fonts + Google fonts.
  • Easy menu customization.
  • Very customizable hook system.
  • Possibilities of deactivating unnecessary elements being able to create clean landing pages.
  • Responsive
  • Woocommerce compatible.
  • Transparent headers
  • Very structured code at SEO level.

Generatepress price:

  • $49.95 / year for unlimited sites.


Choosing a template for WordPress can be a real ordeal. The wide range of templates and platforms make choosing one difficult. If we add to this how easy it is to be fooled by a beautiful design, it can make us regret it in the future.

In this post you have seen what are the best themes for WordPress today. Any of them will give a good performance to your website especially because they are templates that are very configurable. Also, if you join these with a quality page builder, the possibilities of creating an extremely visual design is very possible.

We highlight their compatibility and optimized code to perform at the highest level and position in search engines, something that with other templates is much more difficult. You have seen Divi as the first option. In quality, complement package and price has no competitor. If you want more, check out the other options.

Make no mistake in your choice and choose a WordPress theme that makes your website a profitable and spectacular business.

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