Join in fashion: so you can add a gradient color ring to your profile photos

Join in fashion: so you can add a gradient color ring to your profile photos

Social networks are increasingly important for more people. And one of the key elements in this type of platform is undoubtedly the profile picture. This says a lot about us. Not only because of the literalness of what we can show in the images, but also because of the symbolicness of what accompanies them. You surely have seen in recent months how many users have added color rings or rings, normally degraded. These rings are really fashionable, and can serve to give an original touch to the profile picture of our profile. Or even a vindictive touch with the different gradients that we can give this ring .

So you can easily add one

You will have to verify it for yourself. More and more users add a color ring to their photos on social networks, to their profile. These as we say sometimes can have a vindictive air, such as to claim LGTBI rights, with a gradient colors of the rainbow. Or successive colors that can represent the protest and visibility of different sensibilities. Or you may simply want to make a hoop of this type to the profile picture because it is simply more beautiful.

Well, today we bring you a tool that has been specially designed to give one of these touches to our profile picture. It is a photo editor that edits the photo to fit perfectly in the profile of most social networks. Normally these photos are usually shown round, for example WhatsApp, or Twitter. We see the profile image commissioned in a sphere. To access this tool we must go to the Profile Picture Maker website, which allows us to make this edition with a color ring.

Profile Picture maker

As you can see, the editor is already part of a round template. Choose the profile photo you want and select it. It will automatically adapt to the sphere that appears in the editor. And now it is time to give that original touch on our part. The editor allows us to add a color ring with different designs. The first thing we can edit is the thickness of that border or hoop. We can choose if it goes to the edge of the photo, or if the image becomes a hoop away from the edge.

Therefore, if we give a certain thickness to the hoop, and add a gradient with the desired colors , the ring of those colors will be filled, and it will look very fresh. We can add many elements to make the profile picture unique. And best of all, we do not need to install anything on the computer or mobile. We just have to access from the browser. Once we have the design we like the most, we just have to click on the download button and that’s it.

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