95-year-old woman asked Nintendo to fix Game Boy – in response, they sent her a new console

95 year old woman asked Nintendo to fix Game Boy

Although Nintendo is not known as the friendliest company in the world, its Japanese office is known for excellent customer service. Recently, a story appeared in a local newspaper about how a company found a new Game Boy for a 95-year-old woman gamer – because it was impossible to fix the old console. An unusual request letter was also posted on Twitter.

In this same letter, the daughter of a retired gamer – Kuniko Tsusaka – says how her mother loved to play Tetris on the Game Boy, but at some point the console broke down and they could not find a new one in the stores or fix the old one. As it turned out, this was the third system that a 95-year-old Nintendo fan acquired.

95 year old woman asked Nintendo to fix Game Boy 1

The solution to the problem was suggested by her grandson, who praised the “divine” customer support of the company. Kuniko decided to write a real letter only for the reason that in Japan the words “divine” and “paper” are consonant. In the end, she sent an letter to the Nintendo office with a broken Game Boy and a request to fix it. In response, she received a completely new console, which was hard to found in the warehouse, as well as health wishes for a 95-year-old gamer.

Kuniko Tsusaka told this story after the death of her mother, who lived four more years after that incident. She added, without a trace of irony, that the gamer’s grandmother would probably still thank Nintendo’s support team from heaven.

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