Trends in social media content for 2020 and beyond # Infographics

Trends in social media content for 2020 and beyond # Infographics

Social networks have made communication with customers easier. For this year it is estimated that more than 5,000 million people will use social media platforms, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population. That is why MicroCreatives has created the ‘Social Media Content Trends For 2020 And Beyond’ infographic, where it comments on the trends that will make us rethink our online strategy.

  • Create location-based pages to promote events and interact with the local market.
  • Base on the user’s activity customize the content, so that you encourage the audience to participate in the campaigns. Use analytics findings to create content based on the behaviors of your target audience on social networks.
  • Use the stories of Facebook, Instagram… ephemeral content that disappears after a certain time. Take advantage of this visual content to provoke an immediate reaction and boost engagement.
  • Have them discover products through social media. 50% of 2020 searches will be through images or voice. It includes the name of the product and the price to facilitate the discovery of the product.
  • The video continues to grow: 56% of Internet users watch videos on Facebook, lnstagram and Twitter. Create videos for your brand profile on social networks.
  • Adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: for example you can use Facebook 360º or Facebook Canvas to display your content in an impressive way.
  • Partner with credible influencers to promote your products and services, as 22% of Internet users ages 18 to 34 buy products after seeing influencers approve them.

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