How to stop spam emails? Guerrilla Mail, a temporary mail service

How to stop spam emails

We will show you a simple solution to how to stop spam emails in your email box. Guerrilla Mail is useful when you need to give mail to get some information or to receive some URL.

How to stop spam emails

Thanks to this application you will have your cleanest email. Upon entering the web, an email address ready to copy will be created without registering. Make a test from your usual email. Copy and paste that address and send an email to verify that it works. You have the option at the bottom of the page to to change the language.

How to stop spam emails

After a few seconds your mailbox will be updated (it is not necessary to refresh the page) and will announce that you have received an email. As you can see in the example, it supports attachments, but does not display it. Guerrilla Mail warns that it does not scan files for malware, so be very careful with opening a file. In addition, it allows you to send emails. Emails are deleted within one hour, whether they have been opened or not, but the email addresses created are permanently maintained. To return to the inbox press “Back to inbox”.

The email address they give you is an encrypted version of your Inbox ID service, which does not require a password. You can enter using the same browser, or if you use another device, go with the pointer to the ID of your Inbox (a “Click to edit” message will appear) and press it to enter the ID of the mailbox you want to consult. This operation also serves to put the email name you prefer to make it easier to remember the email address. You can create the addresses you want.

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So if you want to know how to stop spam emails this may be the best and the safest way. A very simple solution.

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