Rumor: Microsoft will return a multitasking feature to Windows 10

Microsoft will return a multitasking feature to Windows 10

Updates for Windows 10 include not only security patches. From time to time the operating system acquires new features. Some of them do not develop beyond the beta stage. But occasionally Microsoft can surprise us pleasant. One of them should soon be the technology of multitasking Windows Sets. It was removed from the previous test assembly. But it seems that it is already preparing to return to the desktop interface of the desktop OS.

Windows Sets allows you to group applications, websites and other content in separate tabs that are available in any Windows window. They can be synchronized between different devices. Microsoft said that this feature is “not quite ready and needs to be improved” after preliminary testing as part of the Windows Insider program in 2018

Twitter user @teroalhonen recently discovered links to Windows Sets in the beta version of the Windows 10 Software Development Kit. So this means that Microsoft may consider returning multitasking. And that can happen in the second major update of Windows 10 in 2020. The distribution of the spring update, code-named 20H1 (also known as Windows 10 Version 2004), has already been completed.

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Microsoft representatives have not yet commented on the leak.


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