What was the first ever registered domain name?

What was the first ever registered domain name?

March 15, 2020 marks 35 years of the first domain on the Internet. How this site appeared, to whom it belonged and what function it performs? So what was the first ever registered domain name? Let’s find out.

The first officially registered domain in the Internet space turns 35 years old. On March 15, 1985 Symbolics.com appeared on the network. But the first domain name created was Nordu.net in January of that same year. That domain became the first root server on the Internet. .

However, if we look at first ever registered domain name on the network using DNS (Domain Name System) it’s Symbolics.com.

At that time, the Internet was still a non-commercial space, and only a few years later each brand or person will have their own website in the .COM domain zone. In 1985, only five other companies registered their own domains – bbn.com, think.com, mcc.com, dec.com and northrop.com. IT giants such as IBM, Sun, Intel launched their sites In 1986. In 1987 AMD, Apple and Cisco Systems registered the domain names and in 1991 Microsoft .

As for the very first domain, Symbolics.com belonged to the computer manufacturer Symbolics Computer Corporation. This company is also known as the developer of the Lisp programming language, which is still in use.

Interestingly, the Symbolics.com domain was purchased four years before the advent of the World Wide Web.

What was the first ever registered domain name

First ever registered domain name – fantastic piece of Internet history

In 2009, the site was sold to the XF.com domain aggregator. It’s founder Aron Meystedt stated the following:

“As for me, I am very pleased (and flattered) to own the first .COM domain in history. Since domain names are my business, I am happy to be the owner of this fantastic piece of Internet history. ”

At the moment, the site of the Big Internet Museum, an archive of the history of the Internet, is located at Symbolics.com.

For 35 years, the industry has made a huge leap from several to hundreds of domain zones – geographical, thematic, brand.

“Today, every project and business can find a domain zone that is 100% suitable for the type of activity – .ART, .TECH, .SHOP, .ONLINE and many others. And brands create their own domain zones for their products. YANDEX , .BMW,. NETFLIX . But even despite such diversity, .COM remains the world leader and continues to grow.

So, by the end of 2019, 145 million domains were registered in .COM (362 million web addresses were registered in the world).

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