Magecart Group 8 manage to infiltrate legal websites to steal bank details

Magecart Group 8 manage to infiltrate legal websites to steal bank details

It is one of the great threats that hang over us when we buy online. What if our bank details, credit card details are exposed and hackers end up taking some of our funds. Or what is worse, buy something at the cost of our treasuries. That is why the police and security authorities always recommend not to carry out online transactions on sites that are not verified. But what happens when we pay through one that we believe meets the required security measures? Magecart Group 8 is a group of hackers that specifically targets such data.

Security firm RiskIQ has discovered that hackers from the well-known Magecart Group 8 managed to attack again. This time they target was website of the NutriBullet company, which sells blenders. Hackers managed to take all kinds of user data, taking not only the basic information of customers, but also the data that had to do with their bank cards.

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The way of working was (relatively) simple. They used malware that was installed inside the website itself. All the clients that carried out transactions, not only left their data to the Nutribullet company, but also to external third-party servers that usually store this type of information on the so-called dark web .

Magecart Group 8 manage to infiltrate legal websites to steal bank details

Magecart Group 8 attacks have caused chaos

The threat is still open, be careful! Researchers has confirmed that this threat is still latent, with an open door for hackers to return whenever they want. Despite the fact that the company has assured that this malware had already been eliminated by its protection teams. But don’t think that only user data was stolen. Hackers also collect names, billing addresses, expiration dates and card verification values.

These hackers are known for having given some of the most notorious blows. Magecart Group 8 attacks have caused chaos in services such as Ticketmaster, British Airways or the American Cancer Society. They have shown that with each new action they are perfecting more their methods. Is there a way to defend yourself? No and yes. The bad news in this case is that we cannot know what security levels a company we buy from has. So our prevention measures must be earlier. Use credit cards that are exclusively dedicated for this purpose. You can use cards with a very small limit, and in the case of debit, they belong to accounts where we do not have our money. This is the only way to make sure that our assets are safe.

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