New Windows 10 update “broke” Microsoft’s built-in antivirus

New Windows 10 update “broke” Microsoft's built-in antivirus

Early in February, an independent AV-Test lab called Microsoft Windows Defender one of the most effective solutions for securing the operating system. But with new Windows 10 update, users found a serious malfunction in the work of the popular antivirus. It seems that it significantly reducing its reliability in preventing malware from infecting your computer.

New Windows 10 update “broke” Microsoft's built-in antivirus

According to the observations of owners of PC’s that use Windows 10, after installing a large spring new Windows 10 update, Windows Defender began to skip some files when scanning the system without checking for malicious code. Later many other users confirmed the “strange” behavior of the utility.

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It is noteworthy that the files are “ignored” both during full and fast scans. As if they were previously added by the user to the exclusion list – even if they didn’t.

New Windows 10 update “broke” Microsoft's built-in antivirus

After checking the PC on the screen, an error occurs with the text: “Objects were skipped during the scan. “Windows Defender skipped the object due to exceptions in the network scan settings.”

Microsoft representatives have not yet commented on the situation.

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