Content Marketing – 8 Important Keys #Infographics

Content Marketing - 8 Important Keys #Infographics

Content marketing lies in the creation of relevant and quality multimedia information. This is effective way to improve the visibility of products on the internet. That is why RedAlkemi brings us the infographic ‘8 important tips for Content Marketing’. He indicate that almost 72% of small companies have discovered that content marketing has helped them improve their search engine positioning.

Content Marketing - 8 Important Keys #Infographics

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Even if you are on small-budget, you can put these strategies into practice to generate effective content marketing:

  • Set Goals: Setting clear monthly or quarterly goals will help you plan a perfect strategy quickly.
  • Know your audience: Identifying your target audience will allow you to create relevant content.
  • Brand positioning: Developing the brand with a clear vision. This will help to highlight the protocols of each task to be carried out.
  • Social media marketing: Having an effective presence on all social media platforms relevant to services. This will help to create brand awareness.
  • Blog posts: Creating and sharing quality blogs related to your services will increase website traffic and generate leads.
  • Evergreen content: They are content that lasts over time, providing value for the user today and in six months. For example, you published the story about latest Twitter update. So this story is only interesting for the first few days. While content such as ebooks, infographics, posts… are Evergreen because they will last longer. As a result, sharing well-researched and updated content will help increase website traffic and improve website ranking.
  • Adaptable to mobile: Make a responsive and mobile-optimized website to increase traffic and lead generation.
  • Email Marketing: Send weekly or bi-weekly newsletters to your audience to build loyalty to your brand and generate customer requests.
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