SEO facts – 7 Things You Need to Know About

SEO facts - 7 Things You Need to Know About

Every person who is somehow connected with the SEO understands that search engine optimization is a complex process. Effective tricks remain relevant for a short time, and then new tricks replace them. However, some SEO facts will be important for a long time.

Algorithms often update the Google search engine, which leads to the fact that the ranking changes. In addition, new technologies regularly appear that make it possible to carry out alternative ranking.

Today we will talk about 7 facts about SEO that not all people have heard about, but knowing this is very important.

1. More is better – SEO facts

To begin with, you should know that Google often prefers large sites. As you understand, when you start an online store where you sell men’s shirts, it is unlikely that your website in query “men’s shirts” will be in the top position.

In the first positions there will be brands such as Amazon, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and many other well-known companies. The likelihood that you will be able to compete with them tends to zero.

Google has more trust in companies that have proven themselves. The search engine aims to offer users only the best experience.

However, this does not mean that you will not succeed. There are several things that will help to promote a site in a search engine:

  • It is important to promote and optimize your brand. As soon as your brand becomes better known, buyers themselves will search for you;
  • Paid advertising is a powerful modern tool for website promotion. Having paid a sufficient amount of money, you will quickly find yourself in the TOP;
  • You can use a trick – promote the site on less popular keywords. You can specify the specific style of your clothes or even the color. Typically, large companies do not use such keywords queries.

2. Sites are divided into segments – SEO facts

It should be understood that website and page optimization are two different things. Often, specialists perform optimization of only one page of the site. Of course, if the site has only a landing page, then it turns out that the optimization of this page and the site is one and the same.

The reality is that most likely you will have several pages. Each segment will represent a certain value – someone more, someone less. Of course, to optimize the page where the contact form is indicated is not practical. But to promote a page that can lead to potential buyers – this is a reasonable choice.

3. Enough ranking for only a few key queries

Some people think that it is necessary to optimize pages for more keywords. This is partly true, but it’s not always the case.

When working with a small target audience, you can optimize the page only for 1-2 requests. This applies, for example, to the sale of glass blocks.

4. Too high competition in the field of content marketing

There is a saying: “Content is king.” And indeed it is. Quality content attracts users. You need to choose the right keywords, look for good authors, and fill the blog with good content. Headings should cling to people at a glance.

5. Early adoption of the latest technology pays off in the future

As mentioned at the beginning, Google often provides the latest technologies that improve the site’s position in the search engine. You should carefully study all the technologies that this company provides.

There is Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) technology – it makes it possible to load pages on mobile devices as quickly as possible. Pages that are made using this technology have a high chance of being in TOP search from mobile devices.

For the Google search engine, you must adapt the site for mobile devices. Remember that in 2014, Google claimed that you should abandon the HTTP protocol and switch to a new HTTPS? Unfortunately, not everyone listened, but in vain. If the company says that the new protocol has a number of advantages, then it is worth listening to these words.

If you are working in the field of SEO, we recommend that you learn new technologies as soon as they appear. After all, over time, they will be able to seriously help you in promoting your site.

SEO facts - 7 Things You Need to Know About

6. There are many options for improving visibility in Google SERPs.

It is widely believed that you can get into the TOP of the search engine only after the site is optimized and a large number of authoritative external links are received. However, there are other ways to increase your impressions.

If you manage to get into the Knowledge Graph on Google or in direct answers, then you will be able to stay in the TOP for a long time. Of course, this is a laborious process, but it really is worth doing.

To stand out from the gray mass of sites, you need to use advanced snippets – they will help make the site much more noticeable. To do this, you should add a structured data layout to the code – this will allow Google to know more about the content available on your site.

If you have a store or office, then you can use local ranking. In this case, enter the city name and key request. And also, as mentioned above, it is worth using AMP – this will help to achieve a high position in search queries.

7. A large number of SEO specialization – SEO facts

Search engine optimization has a large number of sections. And this means that there are many specialists in this field who are engaged in various fields. Someone is engaged in content marketing, someone with external links, etc. Each given direction requires knowledge of certain skills.

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If you want to promote your site, then you need to understand which strategy is right for you. By choosing the right promotion strategy, you can achieve great success.

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