WordPress Websites – 10 Types That You Can Create

WordPress Websites - 10 Types That You Can Create

WordPress is an excellent CMS. There is no website that you cannot create with this famous website platform. More than 30% of the world’s websites are designed with WordPress. Many of the popular sites that you can see when browsing are created with this great CMS.

In this article, you will see 10 popular types of websites that you can create with WordPress. In addition, at the end of the article, you will be able to read a list of famous web examples created with it.

WordPress stands out for being very versatile. Therefore you can create everything with him, from a simple personal blog to really complex sites.

Types of websites that you can create with WordPress

WordPress started in 2003 as a platform to create simple blogs. Its potentials were quickly noticed, which caused its rapid and fast growth. The reception he received was great and quickly began to create a large community.

Soon it began to generate content on the internet with which to help all kinds of people who want to create their website regardless of the type it is.

Personal WordPress Websites

WordPress with its default installation already has a personal blog.

You can launch a website and start to create posts and pages immediately. So you already have a simple website. But is that what you should do? No, it would be a mistake not to use many more options included with It. They give us the ability to create a really attractive and functional blog or personal website. Thanks to its famous plugins, WordPress allows you to create any type of blog on any subject you want to.

To create a personal blog there is already Blogger or Wix that are free, right? Yes and no. If your idea is to create a blog as a hobby where you can explain your trips, anecdotes or curiosities, you can design your website on this type of platform. But if you really want to appear in the search engines and make your personal website your livelihood, you have to invest a small amount annually on a platform like WordPress.

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WordPress at the SEO level offers much more. If we talk about design there is no comparison. The infinity of plugins and layout tools that WordPress offers is incredible.

Anything you see on the internet and want to replicate can be done easily thanks to Gutenberg and / or visual editors such as the well-known Elementor Page Builder. Both have a multitude of functionalities to complete your website. But you must know each one to know which one you should use.

For this reason, many celebrities put their hands on WordPress for their personal web pages:

Katy Perry

Katy Perry - WordPress Websites

Official site of the famous singer with a website created entirely in WordPress. You can easily navigate through it to see the biography or listen to her music online. It is a clean design website with an online store on an external platform outside of WordPress.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt - WordPress Websites

The fastest man in the world has his website in WordPress. With very well-differentiated sections and an accessible menu, it offers the possibility of browsing biography, news, photos, videos, or external store.

Ricky Martin, Antonio Banderas…. and many, many more public figures use WordPress to.

Corporate WordPress Websites

If you have a national, international, or local business, WordPress allows you to create a really attractive design.

It doesn’t matter if you want to show your services in your city, in your country or in the rest of the world. You are going to be able to create custom menus, personalized sections at the design level, buttons, images, or effects.

Visual editors like the one already mentioned include corporate web templates by default. With them, you can easily create website thanks to spectacular designs.


Renault Group

Renault Group

Renault Group is a French multinational car manufacturer that uses this popular CMS with a corporate website.

Sony music

Sony music - WordPress Websites

The huge company Sony is also betting on this CMS. The website has a huge music catalog, access to artists, and more than one news blog.

Even the White House itself uses WordPress.

eCommerce WordPress Websites

If you thought you could only create an online store on platforms like Prestashop or Magento, you are wrong. Five out of ten online stores are created with WordPress and specifically with its WooCommerce system.

There are other plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads. But the truth is that WooCommerce is the favorite and as a tool, it is much more complete. WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to include all the products you need. You can design an attractive online store with enormous sales possibilities.

If we combine all the WordPress functionalities with those of WooCommerce we will be able to create, not only spectacular designs. It will also allow us to integrate the extra functionalities that we want:

  • Deferred payments.
  • Product variables.
  • Filter options by modality, colors, sizes …
  • Financing.
  • Inventories.
  • Logistics.
  • Integration with any payment gateway.
  • Etc…

The possibilities end when the ideas run out since absolutely everything you want can be achieved, and many of them for free.

The most curious thing is that WordPress grows more every day. If it continues like this it will end up unseating the rest of the platforms. There are many famous e-commerce companies that at the time their online store was created with other CMS. But later they integrated their blog in WordPress.

Rough Guides

Rough Guides - WordPress Websites

It is a popular online store for travel guides in a physical and digital format with flight, hotel or car rental offers, as a complement to travel guides.

Magazine and Newspaper Website

Renowned newspapers and famous magazines have turned to WordPress to spread the news on a daily basis. With WordPress, you can create magazine websites where you can publish news on any subject. With a design-oriented to photography or entertainment, WordPress offers you specific templates or multipurpose themes.

You can get designs as popular and visual as these examples:

New York Times

New York Times

New York Times is a New York newspaper with a huge popularity influence. They use WordPress to boost their business.

Educational Websites

Washington University

Washington University

The University of Washington is a highly respected United States research university. One more example that you can trust WordPress.

A complete web page with access for student areas where you can enroll with a payment gateway integrated into the website.

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Entertainment Website



If you want to see reputable music websites, visit this song playback and download the website. With playlists and news from different decades.



Official PlayStation blog for news and updates on this well-known game console.

Walt Disney

Walt disney

Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world’s leading producers. Their website is a faithful reflection of confidence in this CMS.

The Facebook blog is also made with WordPress and like this famous platform, many more on the same topics.

Sports WordPress Websites

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks

Mavs.com is the official site of this great NBA team, also made in WordPress.

Travel WordPress Websites

TripAdvisor Blog

TripAdvisor WordPress Websites

The Tripadvisor blog shares travel guides, an inspiration for visits and destinations, tips, and more. A huge and well-known company like this trusts WordPress.

Blog WordPress Websites

Microsoft news

Microsoft news

Microsoft stories and news including new features, events, and community blogs.

The Mozilla Blog

The Mozilla Blog

News, notes and ramblings of the Mozilla project, creators of the popular Firefox browser.

This is not everything. In WordPress.org’s “WordPress Website Showcase” you can also find a list of company websites based on a list published annually by Fortune magazine with 500 popular websites created with WordPress. You have it separated by theme. If this seems too little, take a look at all the websites designed with this great CMS.

More types of WordPress Websites

As we have seen you can design absolutely everything. Pay attention to more types of web pages with which you can generate income and achieve popularity:

  • Affiliate website niches: Forget about selling your own products and do it with third-party products generating a small commission. There are many online companies that offer the affiliation system.
  • Coupon Websites: Design a site to generate discount coupons for events or products. There are specific predesigned templates for this.
  • Sites in several languages: With WordPress, you can create a multi-language website without a problem.
  • Auction Websites: If you need to design a website where to do auctions, choose this platform.
  • Sale of photographs: Photography is in high demand. There is a lot of hobbies and many authors need places where they can hang their own photographs in order to sell them.
  • Membership: Selling courses online in a private area is a good way to create a community of students where everyone can follow the lessons at their own pace paying a periodic fee.
  • Online communities: Forums or communities can be created with WordPress.
  • Podcast website: Podcast is increasingly in demand. Ivoox, Itunes or any other Podcast platform can be easily integrated into WordPress.
  • Real estate: If you need to create a website for real estate you can do it thanks to personalized templates.
  • Job offers: The supply and demand of employment online is another topic to deal with WordPress.
  • Private Blogs: Any public website with private areas can be created with WordPress easily.
  • Content promotion portals: Platforms like bloguers.net allow you to upload blog content to share or promote blog articles.
  • Advertising website: Create advertising portals where providers can advertise their businesses.
  • Buying and selling articles: It is very common to find platforms to buy or sell posts for the blog.
  • Non-profit website or religious organizations: Perfectly compatible with WordPress this type of non-profit association is in high demand.


These are just some of the examples of popular web pages designed with WordPress. Certainly, in a few years, it is very likely that the big brand websites created with this CMS will multiply. Companies, news, corporate websites, magazines, e-commerce sites, celebrities, and even musicians. Everything has a place in WordPress.

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