Start a WordPress Blog Site With Limited Budget Plan

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You’re ready to start a WordPress blog site.

However you do not have endless funds to get it done.

We get it and we can assist.

Your factors for desiring an online existence can differ extensively.

For example, you have a strong desire to make some money working from home or you require a method to drive traffic to your service.

A blog site is an online publication that enables you to publish articles and other material as frequently as you ‘d like.

A few of these websites appear expensive, however that does not always indicate they’re expensive.

What’s Your Budget?

In truth, there’s no “one size fits all” budget for blog writers, however you need to take a seat and find out your financial resources before you start a WordPress blog.

The quantity you choose to invest in your blog site will depend upon your objectives, convenience level, and available earnings.

Are you aiming to keep expenses to a bare minimum or can you validate some extra costs in the name of increased earnings?

Let’s presume you’re just getting going and wish to stay with a tight budget plan.

Here is what you’ll require to invest to get a quality WordPress blog site off the ground …

Start a WordPress Blog Site on a Budget

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1. Purchase a Domain

If you wish to be taken seriously, you’re going to require a self-hosted blog site.

We’ll get to the hosting part in a minute, however this begins with having your own domain name.

Instead of utilizing the free WordPress format that would appear like, you would have

Usually, you’ll pay around $10 annually in domain name registration costs.

However you can get a .com domain at a discount for the price of $7.00 when you are buying a WordPress hosting plan from

Choose something appropriate, short, unforgettable, and pick a .com whenever possible.

2. Find WordPress Hosting

Sure, you’re blogging for your audience.

However they are not going to visit your blog if the search engines do not make it shown on searches.

Google will not provide attention to a blogging platform like

So you need to find a budget-friendly web hosting company.

Do not let the concept of web hosting frighten you. Most will set up WordPress with the easy push of a button.

There’s a typical mistaken belief that hosting a website is extremely expensive. Nevertheless, it’s not.

According to the study, the competitiveness of the shared hosting market keeps costs extremely budget-friendly.

For example, the typical entry-level shared hosting plan (which enables one website) is just $3.40 monthly and renewal cost is $4.94 monthly

If you choose a personalized environment for your WordPress blog site, offers blog writers $2.75 monthly to host a single WordPress website.

3. Purchase a Theme

Your WordPress theme manages the way that your website looks.

This is what is going to enable you to pick colors, font styles, page designs, and far more.

There are countless totally free themes offered, however this isn’t always the very best choice.

It would be an embarrassment to invest a lot of time into personalizing your blog site and after that realize a couple of months or years later that your theme does not comply with the most recent WordPress updates (these are released regularly).

Or even worse, you might find that your free theme contains some harmful code that is jeopardizing your or data of your visitors.

There are numerous factors to pick a paid theme:

  • The themes are of higher quality
  • You get higher security and lower threat of concealed code
  • They provide updates to stay up to date with WordPress and other web modifications
  • You get the continuous support for the themes

What you invest in a theme can differ extensively, and it does not need to be expensive.

You can get a membership to Elegant Themes for $89.

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4. Premium Plugins

As soon as you have your theme setup, it’s time to take a more detailed look at your plugins.

There are lots of free WordPress plugins that will turbocharge and enhance your blog site.

In some cases it makes sense to buy upgrades and get the premium versions of a few of these tools.

Having an SEO-optimized website is the finest method to get your blog site to the top of search engines.

One of the plugins you need to seriously think about spending for (there’s a free version) is Yoast SEO.

A few of the premium functions of the plugin consist of:

  • Multi-keyword optimization
  • Warnings when your material ends up being out-of-date
  • Internal linking recommendations
  • Content insights
  • Redirect manager
  • Free support

5. Email Campaigns

Collecting e-mail addresses from your blog site readers is one of the very best methods to grow your WordPress readership and to start making some money.

Think of it when you have just released an amazing brand-new post or have a time-sensitive deal for your readers, the one method you can get their attention is through an e-mail message with a link.

If you’re on a tight budget plan, you can begin building your e-mail list totally free with MailChimp.

This has some excellent functions for a free program and enables you to produce a list of up to 2,000 customers.

When you end up being more popular than this or wish to send out more than 2,000 e-mails each month, you’ll require to upgrade to a paid service.

Some budget-friendly alternatives are a MailChimp paid plan and Constant contact.

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6. Social Media Manager

It is difficult to go far for yourself online today without the assistance of social media.

You must have social sharing buttons on your WordPress blog site so that visitors can share your content along with it.

Being a blog writer and a social media manager might be a bit too much to deal with.

You can get some assistance by using a social media scheduler to automate some jobs.

A couple of affordable examples are Buffer (free for up to 10 posts) and Hootsuite.


Start a WordPress blog site with a limited budget and growing can be a difficulty, especially when you think about the countless other WordPress blog writers that are doing the exact same.

However you do not need to understand anything about website design to get this done.

You just need to set your budget plan and be wise about how you invest your money and time.

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