How to Track a Phone – iOS or Android

Losing your smart device can stimulate existential panic – way beyond losing your wallet or keys. And then the first question we ask is how to track a phone?

That’s because, in addition to its financial worth, your phone loads a lot of important and personal details about you and your family.

The concept of a complete stranger accessing these personal details is creepy.

And yet, individuals lose their mobile phones every day.

While you pumping at the gas station or in restaurants, grocery stores, parks, bars or some creep manages to get hold of it from your pocket.

It doesn’t matter how it occurred – you want your phone back, and you want it back now.

There are lots of ways to recover your missing phone.

If it’s a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android, you already have the application required to hunt it down – or there are a range of third-party apps you can install to track your phone.

How to Track a Phone Location

Tracking somebody’s location sounds exciting and amazing.

All of us must have wanted at least once to track someone’s location.

Location tracking can be handy in case of any emergency situation or phone loss.

However doing this sounds difficult due to the fact that we all know that it takes lots of skills to carry out such activity.

What if you get that magic of spying on any phone without learning any hacking abilities?

Shocked? Yes, this is possible. You can track anybody’s phone location with a phone number by using any phone spy app.

These phone spying apps are web-based apps that can be used on any web browser to spy on any phone.

Using these spy apps is simple and very easy. You would not need to use any skills in order to carry out phone tracking.

The primary concern is that there are lots of spying apps offered online but which one to rely on? No need to worry, we got the best spying app for you to use for phone spying.


How to Track a Phone Location with Spyier

Spyier is probably one of the best spy apps that you can use for spying on any phone gadget.

A user-friendly interface of this app makes it practical for every kind of user to utilize this application quickly.

This app offers complete flexibility to every user for tracking any information or any app of any target mobile phone device.

You can carry out any sort of phone spying activity.

The best aspect of this app is that you can hack any phone gadget either its Android or iPhone.

Spyier app map for track a phone location

This mobile phone tracking app works on stealth mode which implies nobody would have the ability to catch you spying on a phone gadget, not even a device’s owner.

With Spyier, you can track somebody with telephone number without having any concerns or issues.

Besides location tracking, you can track text messages, call records, social media apps and far more beyond your expectations.

You would be amazed to know that there are 35 spy features offered in Spyier and every spying function is incredible.


How to Track a Phone Location with Spyine

Spyine is a leading phone spy utility for Android and iOS, used in 190+ countries worldwide.

The app is frequently reviewed by online publications such as TechCrunch, The New York Times, BBC, and Forbes.

Spyine also happens to be one of the most discreet location-tracking apps ever made.

You can secretly track a mobile phone’s location with the app, without the user ever finding out.

Spyine is undetectable on both iOS and Android gadgets. Why is that the case?

For iOS platforms, Spyine works as a web-based app. It is not required to download or set up software application on the target iPhone or iPad.

The app works completely from within your internet browser. Instead of dealing with the iPhone or iPad directly, the app works with the gadget’s iCloud account.

Because of that app is 100% impossible to detect.

For Android platforms, Spyine is a little 2MB app that you are required to install on the target gadget.

After you set up the app, you can choose to conceal it. The app then runs, undetectably, in the background.

The app is little, hidden, and does not drain the phone’s battery. This makes Spyine for Android difficult to discover.


How to Track a Phone Location with Spyic

Spyic is another popular phone tracking app.

It’s widely-used, has strong credibility, and deals with both Android and iOS gadgets.

You can use the app to keep track of the gadget’s location in secret from your internet browser.

Spyic has been positively evaluated by significant media channels like Mashable, BuzzFeed, and BBC, which makes it a reliable option.

With Spyic, you get several useful telephone number and location tracking functions:

  • Spyic enables you to track a phone’s SIM card and all its information.
  • You are alerted if the telephone number is changed.
  • You can track the telephone number’s location on a virtual map.
  • Spyic keeps tabs on the phone’s present as well as previous movements.


How to Track a Phone Location with Minspy

Minspy is great parental control option.

If you’re aiming to track your kids’ mobile phone location when they’re out, this is a service you need to think about.

The app provides parental control functions, in addition to the location tracker.

It’s easy to use, provides a vibrant user interface, and works easily from any internet browser.

You can track your kid’s Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

Here are Minspy’s most significant functions:

  • Minspy can track locations in real-time.
  • You can set up a geofence and be alerted of your kid’s movements.
  • Minspy is an excellent GPS Phone Tracker for Parents
  • Minspy has an easy to use web-based user interface.

How to Track a Phone that is Lost

It doesn’t matter if you have lost an Android or an iPhone, the fact is that it can quickly be tracked.

You just need the right tools to find it.

When I lost my phone, I checked out some of the options to track lost cell phone.

Let’s continue and learn more about lost phone tracker in detail.

FamiSafe – Lost Phone Tracker

FamiSafe - Lost Phone Tracker

FamiSafe is certainly the best method to track a phone that is lost from another location.

It can track the gadget on a real-time basis. For that reason, you would get its precise location without a problem.

  • FamiSafe tracks location in real-time for Android & iOS gadget
  • You can also see the past location path and get immediate notifications whenever the gadget leaves the defined geofences.
  • Simply access it once and set up the tracking app on the phone.
  • You can track lost Android phone & iPhone remotely through its mobile app.
  • No need to root the target device

To find out how to track a lost phone using FamiSafe. You can just follow these simple actions:

1. Set up FamiSafe on both parent and kid’s phones.

FamiSafe App Download App store directly
FamiSafe App Download Google Play directly

2. Register a FamiSafe account inside the App. You may sign up on either your phone or your kid’s phone. The same account applies to both gadgets.

Register a FamiSafe account

3. Make some settings on both Kid’s and parent’s phones. Connect and keep track of kid’s phone from a parent’s phone using Famisafe. Define the type of device you want to track and supply some extra details.

Define the type of device you want to track with FamiSafe

4. FamiSafe is one of the most trusted parental control app for location tracking, app {blocking|stopping}, web filtering, screen time control and more. You can begin to locate the lost phone now.

FamiSafe is one of the most trusted parental control app

5. From the left panel, go to the “Live Location” function. Here, you will get the real-time location of the gadget and the past location records.

FamiSafe "Live Location" function

Find my Device by Google

Find my Device by Google

How to Track a Phone with Google

If you have an Android device, then you can take the help of the Find my Device function to locate it.

It is developed by Google and can assist you to track lost Android phone from another location.

Whenever you want to track your lost phone, this is the first thing that you should do.

To find out how to track a lost android phone, follow these actions:

1. Go to Play Store and download the “Find my Device” app on your gadget.

Find my Device App Download Google Play directly

2. You can also go to your phone Settings > Security and turn on the option of “Remotely locate this device”.

Settings Remotely locate this device

3. Now, whenever you want to locate your phone, go to Google’s Find my Device website and log-in to the Google account that is connected to the phone.

4. Select the phone that you want to track. The user interface will instantly locate the phone for you.

5. You can zoom in to get the precise location of the phone. From here, you can also ring, lock, or clean the phone remotely.

Google Find my Device

Find my iPhone by Apple

Similar to Google, Apple also offers a smooth option to track lost iPhone.

The Find my iPhone is a service that can assist you to locate your lost or stolen phone.

To find out how to track a lost iPhone, you can follow these actions:

1. First of all, go to your phone’s iCloud Settings and tap on “Find my iPhone”. Turn the function on so that you can locate the phone from another location.

"Find my iPhone" iCloud Settings

2. Now, whenever you want to track lost iPhone, go to the iCloud official website and log-in to the account that is connected to your phone.

3. From its welcome screen, launch the “Find my iPhone” user interface.

launch the "Find my iPhone"

4. Select the phone that you want to find from the dropdown option.

Select the phone that you want to find

5. The user interface will show its precise location with some other functions.

iCloud Find My iPhone

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How to Track a Phone by GPS

Using GPS to track somebody’s activities through phones is increasing day by day.

There are lots of tracking apps that let you track the target phone. However, only a handful of them works effectively.

Some users are aware of tracking apps, but they do not understand how to track a phone using GPS.

We will now suggest you a list of apps that you can try:


Life360 GPS tracking app

Life360 is a popular GPS tracking app that lots of families use worldwide to track their loved one’s real-time location.

It is the best Android app for tracking GPS location which develops circles and groups.

It has an incredible user interface that makes tracking experience excellent.


  • You can see the route details of your loved ones.
  • It provides flexible location sharing.
  • It provides private and group messaging.
  • Alerts if anyone’s phone is running low on battery.
  • Smart Notifications inform you when your family comes and goes from your most frequented Places.
  • Crash Detection that alerts your Emergency Contacts and sends an ambulance to your location immediately .


mSpy GPS tracking app

mSpy is the effective tracking software which can be set up on Android and iOS platform.

In addition, to track GPS location, it can track social media networks like WhatsApp and Facebook.


  • Keeps track of the real-time location.
  • It can track calls, messages, and internet usage.
  • It tracks remotely and privately.
  • Easy to use interface.

xFi Locator

xFi Locator GPS tracking app

xFi locator is also among the most helpful apps to track the GPS location of your family members or friends.

You can download its app free of charge. It is available to the owners of Android and iOS phones.


  • It provides location which is very accurate and exact.
  • It has the auto-saving ability.
  • Its navigation system is versatile.

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