How to add Captcha and Protect WordPress Blog

How to Add Captcha in WordPress

You are getting ready to launch your blog. You have registered a domain and found a hosting package that suits you.

After looking at various options you have opted for the WordPress platform. The website was created and the posts started to pile up and visits started to increase.

And then you run into a problem that we all had in the beginning.
Spam comments started. To solve this problem one of the options is to add Captcha to your WordPress.

Why do you need to add Captcha to your blog?

A captcha is an input field, which appears right at the end of a form, and allows us to demonstrate if someone is human or bot.

It is usually quite annoying for the web user, but even so, it is considered an essential element to fight against spam .

Having a captcha is necessary on those web pages where users can add comments.

By using a captcha we will prevent junk comments from reaching our website or attacks made through a bot.

How to include a captcha in WordPress?

There are several ways to add a captcha to a website created with WordPress. Some dare to create their own captchas, but if you are looking for a way to implement this security system comfortably, quickly, and easily, you can always turn to a WordPress plugin.

Currently, there are many WordPress plugins that allow you to add this security system to your blog, but we will indicate which are the three plugins most valued by users.


reCaptcha - WordPress plugin for captcha

Under the name reCaptcha, we find the most popular captcha protection system used in WordPress. 

We are facing the most used captcha service, for its ease of implementation and for having been acquired by Google.

In a few seconds you can protect all your web content.

Captcha Bank

Captcha Bank - WordPress plugin for captcha

Captcha Bank is another WordPress plugin that will protect our website from spam and hacks.

The most curious thing about this plugin is that you can integrate it in any form that appears on your web page, even in the contact form and hide the captchas for those who have previously registered as web users.

Captcha Bank allows you to view various types of captchas. In addition to words or numbers, you can choose between a combination of both or a mathematical operation.

It stands out for being one of the easiest captcha to integrate.

Really Simple CAPTCHA

Really Simple CAPTCHA - WordPress plugin for captcha

Really Simple CAPTCHA is one of the most popular plugins for installing Captcha in WordPress.

It has more than 700,000 active installations, being a perfect option to add a Captcha to a contact form in WordPress.

This plugin uses Google’s reCaptcha service, so you won’t have any problems with your daily performance.

The plugins mentioned above are very easy to install, are compatible with the best WordPress templates, and will be displayed correctly on websites created with WordPress in any language.

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