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Website Maintenance Executive Plan

Executive maintenance plan is the most comprehensive plan that we offer. This plan covers all your needs for constantly growing websites. With big websites come regular needs on a daily basis like update news, add products / services, updates, backups and much more. If you expect constant growth of your website then you need to maintain it regularly and keep it up to date so you can provide best experience to your visitors.​
Our maintenance executive plan is perfect for all websites that approach clients seriously and plan to grow and expand their business. This plan include free executive shared website hosting. We will be available to you on daily basis and together with you make plans how to improve and make more accessible your website.

Executive Plan​ Include:

Free hosting

This plan include free Executive shared website hosting plan with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Email and Phone Support

We are available for support from: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm (CET) Monday - Friday & 11:00 am - 5:00 pm (CET) Saturday - Sunday!

Performing website updates and backups

We will perform both updates and backups on a daily basis. Backups will be used to restore the website if needed.

Fixing bugs or errors

To make your website bug free, we will do regular checkups and improvements.

Creating new products or services

Keep your website fresh with new & relevant content so client can keep coming back to your website. We will add/modify product or services that you provide us on a daily basis.

Adding new images and content

Search engines give preference to websites that are regularly updated with fresh content. While your Home Page and other pages on your site tend to stay static, you should be frequently adding new content to your website.

Adding recent company news in blog

Your blog is probably one of your company’s most valuable marketing tools. Blogs can help build trust with customers, generate leads, provide value to your audience and build brand awareness.

Adding promotions to the websites

Sales promotions may increase sales and that is always a positive thing. Promotional tools are used to build brand value and recognition, strengthen market positioning, and launch new products.

Reviewing link structure and sitemap

Links help visitors to navigate through your website and help the search engines to establish your website architecture. Sitemaps make it easier to find all of website’s pages quickly.

Analyzing website for broken links

Broken links are links that lead visitors to non-existent external or internal web pages. This is frustrating to visitors and can turn off potential customers to what your company might offer.

$299 / month​

With Executive plan you will get:

  • Free Hosting
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Fixing bugs or errors on your websites
  • Performing website updates and backups - daily
  • Adding new images and content - daily
  • Reviewing link structure and sitemap - weekly
  • Analyzing website for broken links - weekly
  • Creating new products or services - daily
  • Adding recent company news in blog - daily
  • Adding promotions to the websites - daily
If you have any question about this package feel free to contact us on web@n1hosting.net – please for our response check in spam folder.

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